Mold growth is a problem that strikes fear into the hearts of most homeowners, but it's also something that happens naturally – and occasionally.

Just know that there will be times when you'll have to deal with mold growth on the walls, especially if you live in an area with high humidity or moisture. That's just the way things are!

But unfortunately, moisture intrusion often causes the fungus to start growing inside the walls, making it a real pain to deal with.

Now, we've all heard horror stories about what happens when your walls are infested with mold and what lengths homeowners have to go to get rid of it. So, of course, you'd hope to be able to get rid of mold without tearing down walls.

But unfortunately, in most cases, that's NOT enough to prevent structural problems, maintain your property's value, cut down repair costs, and protect you and your loved ones from air-borne illnesses. There's a good chance the fungus would've spread well inside the walls and may already be compromising the structural integrity of your property, leaving you with no other option than to tear down the walls for effective mold removal. 

DIY-ing vs. Hiring Mold Removal Experts for Handling Mold inside Walls

You must be tempted to take the matter into your hands when a quick Google search reveals "easy and quick DIY ways" of removing mold in your home, but as a responsible homeowner, you should know when you can and can't rely on mold removal online tricks.

When dealing with mold inside walls, it's always best to open up the walls to remove the fungus for good. In this case, the mold removal process will involve four steps:

  1. Removing and disposing of moldy drywall and insulation.
  2. Killing the mold using the right supplies.
  3. Encapsulating the remaining mold.
  4. Rebuilding the area and adding new insulation, drywall, and other building materials to exterior walls.

For this, you must look for a professional mold remediation company that follows the highest industry standards and engineering controls to remove the fungus safely and efficiently. Homeowners that worry about the cost of hiring mold removal experts fail to realize the cost of damage that may be caused by faulty DIY-ing.  

Even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends hiring professionals to remove mold, especially if the affected area is more than 10 square feet.  

Dangers of Removing Mold Yourself

Removing mold from your walls is no easy feat. You can end up making the situation worse, and if you are not careful, you might damage your home or even injure yourself.

No matter how big or small the affected area is, mold is always dangerous to your health. The reason for this is simple: mold spores are everywhere! They're microscopic and hard to detect until they've grown into full-blown colonies that block airflow and cause irritation to the skin and eyes. You may end up contaminating other surfaces in your home if you're not mindful of this.

Additionally, you may not realize that even small amounts of certain chemicals can have toxic effects on humans over time if inhaled or absorbed through our skin or eyes. Without proper safety gear, you may be putting your life at risk.

Safe and efficient mold removal requires professional training, equipment, and chemicals. Treating mold with household chemicals, like bleach, has been proven ineffective, especially if it's black mold.

In fact, these chemicals can cause the fungus to spread on drywall and worsen the situation. In the case of bleach, the chlorine molecules will hardly kill a fraction of the mold, and the water content will sink into the material to facilitate mold growth.

Benefits of Hiring Mold Removal Experts

Here are some of the benefits of hiring expert mold removal services:

       They use high-grade equipment and chemicals to kill the fungus for good.

       They'll be able to remove the mold safely and quickly without causing any damage to your property or belongings. They'll also clean any mess created during the project.

       They'll preserve as much of your existing wall surface as possible (which means less material used).

       They can complete your mold removal project in a matter of days. If you take the DIY route, you should expect to be at it for at least a week or two. 

       They'll carefully remove any remaining spores from your home and treat all surfaces that may become contaminated (like the ceiling) so that the fungus doesn't spread and cause more problems in the future.

       They'll use advanced equipment and techniques to find the moisture source and recommend options to prevent the future growth of mold spores – you won't have to worry about this happening again for a long time!

Hire the Right Mold Removal Experts for Your Job Today!

If you have mold inside walls, the last thing you want to do is try to remove it yourself. As explained above, mold can be hazardous to your health and can cause a lot of damage to your home. Removing it yourself will be a long, arduous process involving many safety risks.

Mold removal experts like us have the training and experience needed to get the job done right – and you can count on us to treat your home with respect while at it.

Call our professionals immediately if you suspect mold is growing inside walls in any of your rooms! We'll come to your home and inspect the situation, identify where the mold is coming from, tear down the problematic area, kill the fungus, and rebuild the wall to ensure you're safe from future exposure.

Our company is certified for removing mold, and our team is dedicated to working with clients to discuss the most effective mold identification, removal, and prevention plan. Our mold removal experts are trained in proper mold remediation procedures as outlined in IICRC S-520. They wear NIOSH-approved costumes and put the moldy debris in double clean-up bags to prevent further contamination in your home.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact AdvantaClean for professional mold removal services today.

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