Water Damage Restoration Services for Frederick 

Water Damage in Frederick is always an inconvenience and can often be a huge hassle. Knowing exactly what to do can make the process a lot easier. Water that appears to have been drained, wiped up and not visible can make it easy to believe that you are in the clear. Unfortunately, this is not the case in any water emergencies. Water migrates in unexpected ways soaking into building materials and wall cavities. Structural damages as well as any secondary damages will occur when not dried properly. Make sure to use a professional IICRC business like AdvantaClean of Frederick to perform the structural drying process so your home stays healthy. 


How Moisture Enters and Leaves Residential and Commercial Buildings

There are many different ways water can enter homes and buildings. Make sure you are doing monthly inspections to clarify you don’t have a leak or moisture intrusion from any of the following areas:

  • Window seals and door frames. 

  • Cracked pipes and loose fittings especially under bathroom and kitchen sinks

  • Flash flooding into basement from outside and/or sump pumps not working properly during a major storm when the electricity goes out or sump pump fails

  • Loose or missing shingles, flashing, downspouts

  • Malfunctioning appliances like refrigerators ice machine, dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater

  • Excessively high humidity levels especially in basements, kitchens and bathrooms


As water flows trying to find an exit point, it gets trapped and gets absorbed into building materials, carpets, flooring and insulation. This is the unforeseen area where water is and will need to be taken care of and dried correctly so secondary damages like mold do not occur. Also, water continues to travel so it is very likely that water has traveled far away from the initial spot.

Process that AdvantaClean Technicians Use for Water Damage Restoration


AdvantaClean of Frederick Technicians follows the IICRC S500 (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards and techniques to find and remove saturated building materials,  as well as appropriate drying techniques to evaporate moisture. 


  • Access the damages and inspect for and control safety hazards

  • Determine the extent of damages

  • Determine Category of water (clean water, grey water (significant contamination), or black water (grossly contaminated)

  • Extract, remove liquid from carpets, padding, flooring and wet building materials

  • Use appropriate drying machines to absorb moisture and bring humidity levels to appropriate IICRC standards

  • Periodically measure moisture levels to ensure drying process proceeds as planned

  • Continue discussion with homeowner on how the process is going and the importance of keeping equipment on during this planned process of drying

Every water damage is unique and AdvantaClean of Frederick has several different techniques and equipment to aid in the process of complete IICRC standards.


AdvantaClean of Frederick works with all homeowner and commercial insurance companies. We will work with you throughout this process, and answer any questions to help you keep your home or business healthy. So sit back and relax and let AdvantaClean of Frederick take care of everything. Call them today if you have an emergency water damage at 301-695-0458.

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