What is Mold?

Mold is a fungal growth that grows and spreads on various kinds of porous organic material. There are over 100,000 different types of mold. Mold comes in many different colors. mold likes to grow when the conditions are just right. When organic material becomes moist, and the humidity is just right, mold growth will begin to grow within 24-48 hours. Mold grows on drywall, untreated wood structures, wall paper, dust, paint, insulation, carpet, fabric and upholstery. Spores need oxygen and water to germinate in organic material. 

Mold can cause many health issues. For those who are allergic, mold can cause the following symptoms:

Stuffy nose

Sore throat

Coughing or wheezing

Burning eyes

Skin rash

People with asthma can have serious issues as well as anyone with an autoimmune disease. 

Professional Inspections

If you suspect mold, smell a musty odor or even see mold, AdvantaClean of Frederick will perform a thorough inspection. Our inspectors have aa background in Chemistry and Biotechnology and are MICRO certified for mold remediation. AdvantaClean of Frederick will be able to access the issue and damages as well as figuring out why and what caused mold to grow while working with homeowners and building managers to remediate, reduce any new mold growth and keep a heathly indoor air quality. If needed, AdvantaClean can take air samples to determine the amount/levels and types of mold in your home. 

Remediation Process

In most cases, mold remediation will need to be performed. There are no quick fixes or products that will get rid of mold. Mold needs to be eliminated and the source needs to be corrected or mold will reappear. 

The area will be contained by using plastic containment. This keeps mold spores from migrating and spreading to other areas of the home during the remediation.

Removal of all organic materials like drywall, insulation, cardboard boxes, carpet, flooring will need to performed as part of the decontamination process. 

Negative air pressure is used with air scrubbers while the cleaning process is being conducted. Air scrubbers will continue to run for up to 3 days after the decontamination process has been concluded to continue to scrub the air for any and all mold particules. 

Dehumidifiers and air movers are used if necessary to lower the humidity in the area as well as making sure the building materials are left dry. 

AdvantaClean of Frederick takes pride in eliminating mold and improving your home and/or business air quality. 

Know that you are in good hands when you call AdvantaClean of Frederick at 301-695-0458 to come out and perform a mold inspection and remediation. Your home and well being is important to us!

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