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Case Studies

Mold in Your Attic? Let AdvantaClean Have at It!
Location: South Barrington, IL 60010

AdvantaClean of Northwest Chicagoland remediated all the decking and joists of a large attic in South Barrington, IL.

Mold growth in an attic space is the single most common remediation call we receive. It is a common occurrence for homes in areas with weather like Chicagoland’s four seasons!

AdvantaClean of NW Chicagoland will provide a free estimate and can offer a full suite of remediation services including HEPA vacuuming, hydrogen peroxide cleaner and mold stain remover application, insulation removal and replacement, attic ventilation, and more!

A Crawlspace Revamp – From “Oh No!” to “Let’s Go!”
A Major Crawlspace Remediation Followed by Encapsulation
Location: Wheeling, IL 60090

AdvantaClean of Northwest Chicagoland cleaned, remediated, and encapsulated a crawlspace in Wheeling, IL turning it from a horror show to a clean and dry storage space. Steps included trash removal, HEPA vacuuming, hydrogen-peroxide cleaner application, antimicrobial application, drying, and the installation of 90-mil polyethylene liners on the floor and walls.

Mold Remediation Of Windows

Location: Carpentersville, IL 60110

Problem: This customer was dealing with mold on her window sills.

Solution: Remediation of the mold in the window sills was performed. Look at the difference!

Mold on windows window mold remediation    

Mold On The Ceiling... A Common Occurrence In Bathrooms

Location: Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Problem: Due to poor ventilation in the bathroom of this home, mold began growing on the ceiling. There was no bathroom fan installed to pull the humidity out of the room.

Solution: Remediation was performed on the ceiling of the bathroom. In addition, AdvantaClean recommended that the customer has a bathroom fan with a timer installed and connected up to a roof cap vent with insulated duct work to prevent further damage to the bathroom or new damage to the attic.

ceiling water damage ceiling water remediation    

Attic Remediation & Roof Cap Vent Installation
Location: Lombard, IL 60148

AdvantaClean of  Northwest Chicagoland performed mold remediation of an attic in Lombard, IL, as well as installed dedicated roof cap vents for the bathroom exhaust fan with insulated ductwork!  

Bathroom exhaust fans will frequently be improperly routed directly into a home’s attic!! This adds unwanted moisture into the attic atmosphere that often leads to microbial growth. Let us properly vent your exhaust fans during our remediation process.

Mold in attics can be present in homes both new and old! AdvantaClean of NW Chicagoland will provide a free estimate and can offer a full suite of remediation services including HEPA vacuuming, Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner and Mold Stain Remover Application, Insulation Removal and Replacement, Attic Ventilation, and more!

Demolition And Mold Remediation

Location: Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Problem: The window in this home was leaking water down the drywall. This caused damage to the drywall and for mold to begin growing.

Solution: Our technicians removed the contaminated drywall and performed a mold remediation on the framing to halt any further mold growth until a solution can be determined for relieving the moisture from the window.

Window demolition mold demolition    

A Disaster No More – Water, then Mold? A Tale Too Old.
A look at how quickly water damage can lead to mold growth.
Location: Streamwood, IL 60107

AdvantaClean of Northwest Chicagoland responded to an emergency water loss from multiple frozen pipes at a home in the Northwest Suburb of Streamwood, Illinois during frigid, sub-zero temperatures. Our crew removed all unsalvageable material such as drywall, insulation, and paneling; then cleaned and dried the affected area. We are available 24/7 for emergency water mitigation and we will work directly with your insurance company when a claim is made. 

Prevent Pipes from Freezing
How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing in winter.
Location: Tri-State
AdvantaClean shows to keep your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Demolition And Mold Remediation

Location: Carpentersville, IL 60110

Problem: The customer had water leaking behind the shower/tub surround which caused mold on the drywall behind it.

Solution: Our technicians began by removing the tub surround to determine the extent of the mold behind it. After discovering that the drywall was covered in mold, our technicians proceeded with removing the drywall and then the tub. The tub was removed in order to find out if the mold had continue to spread. After the contaminated materials were removed, a full remediation was performed to rid the area of any remaining mold.

bathroom water damage bathroom water damage    

Mold Remediation And Encapsulation Of A Crawlspace

Location: Crystal Lake, IL 60011

Problem: The customer came to us with condensation on the duct work in his crawl space. After further examination, mold was discovered in the crawl space as well.

Solution: In order to solve this problem, our technicians used HEPA vacuums to remove loose mold spores. Next they applied a non-toxic and hydrogen forming cleanser to remove the mold. Lastly, a mold stain remover was used to remove any pigment staining that was left behind by the mold.
In order to keep the moisture out of the crawl space, our technicians encapsulated it by adding a liner to the walls and installing drain fabric on the floor. The great part about this is that it will help diffuse soil gases, such as radon and can help reflect heat from the crawl space. The encapsulation will also keep out bugs and any moisture that could cause mold!

crawlspace water damage     

Mold Remediation Of Attic

Location: Elburn, IL 60199

Problem: This attic was coated in heavy black mold.

Solution: Our technicians used our three-step cleaning process to remediate this mold. First, using HEPA vacuums to remove any loose spores. Second, a non-toxic and biodegradable hydrogen forming cleaner is used to pull the mold from its root system. Lastly, a stain remover was used to get rid of the remaining pigment staining that was left behind from the mold.

attic mold remediation      

Storage Area A Mess? Let AdvantaClean Do Our Best!
Thorough clean up of a crawlspace.
Location: Glenview, IL 60025

AdvantaClean of Northwest Chicagoland performed a deep cleaning in the basement and crawlspace of a home in Glenview, IL. Our technicians removed all debris, performed detailed HEPA-vacuuming, set up air scrubbers and dehumidifiers, applied an antimicrobial, and finished with a full cleaning of the home’s air ducts.  

Does your home or office have a space that needs a revamp? Call AdvantaClean of NW Chicagoland today to schedule an estimate! 847-512-8824

Attic Mold Remediation And Encapsulation

Location: Elgin, IL 60123

Problem: The attic contained large amounts of mold.

Solution: In order to remediate the mold, our technicians first used HEPA vacuums to remove the loose mold spores. Next, a mold stain remover was used to minimize the pigment staining left behind from the mold. Then, the technicians used a non-toxic, biodegradable hydrogen forming cleaner to suspend the mold from its root system. This helps to prevent the recurrence of mold in the attic. Lastly, the technicians applied a mold resistant coating to the attic. This creates a permanent, moisture-resistant barrier and helps prevent mold growth.

mold remediation   mold remediation


Mold Remediation In Attic

Location: Sycamore, IL 60178

Problem: Mold spores had contaminated the attic. This caused a significant staining issue on the decking and joists. Due to an improper amount of insulation, elevated moisture levels allowed the mold to grow exponentially.

Solution: The customer took care of the insulation problem himself. Our team then used our three step process of HEPA vacuuming, applying OxyPrep and OxyPar. This process was able to significantly diminish the mold staining, while removing the mold spores from the wood in the attic.

mold remediation mold remediation

Mold spores on the wood After removing mold spores on wood  

A Commercial Exhaust Vent Cleaning

Location: Stokiie, IL 60077

Problem: This commercial building called for a routine exhaust vent cleaning.

Solution: Our technicians went in and cleaned the vent by removing the accumulated lint, leaving the vent looking brand new.

Lint on exhausts clean air ducts    

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Streamwood, Illinois 60107

Problem: This home was in need of an air duct cleaning.

Solution: An air duct cleaning was performed to remove all of the dust and contaminants that had been building up over time. This air duct cleaning will help to improve efficiency of heating/cooling systems and also help our customers by removing allergens and other irritants from the ducts of the home.

dirty air ducts air ducts