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- Chris Pridgen, Owner

Mold and standing water removal is a daunting project, but our team at AdvantaClean of Chattanooga isn’t intimidated by even the most challenging cleanup projects. We care about our customers, and work quickly and efficiently to remove what is not only an inconvenient eyesore and bothersome odor, but a detriment to your overall quality of life. That’s because water damage easily causes wood rot, mildew, pest infestations, and horrendous indoor air quality that is dangerous to humans and animals. We will correct your indoor air quality by cleaning your air ducts, so you won’t have to worry about breathing toxic fumes once the job is done.

Our top priority is 100% customer satisfaction. We work quickly to diagnose the issues affecting your property and then provide a cost-effective remedy. Our team arrives quickly in fully equipped, branded vans filled with cutting-edge professional tools and equipment meant to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your property.

Mold Removal & Water Damage Restoration in Chattanooga

Few would ever anticipate the need to call a water damage restoration company for emergency services, but you will need a skilled hand to help you with these professional services. Our brand is known across the country for light environmental cleaning, water damage restoration, mold removal, air duct cleaning, and correcting indoor air quality concerns. We know these problems often arise during inconvenient times outside of business hours, and that’s why we answer the phones 24/7 so these issues don’t go unchecked.

It’s important to get professional restoration services if your property has standing water or mold, because the problems only get worse without effective treatment. Your property is subject to structural damage and pest infestations. The excess moisture creates toxic airborne hazards dangerous for you to breathe in, meaning it can easily worsen respiratory infections or trigger allergies. By calling AdvantaClean of Chattanooga, you leave the mold removal and water damage restoration to our team so you can breathe easier ASAP!

Contact our water damage restoration company at any time by dialing (423) 445-1098.