Mold is a scary topic. Most of us know that mold can be dangerous, but we don’t necessarily know much more than that. We’d like to use this post to dive into some of the commonly asked questions that come up over and over regarding mold remediation work here in the Burlington area.


Q: Where does mold grow?

A: Simply put, mold grows everywhere. There is always some level of mold present no matter where you are, but colonies of mold tend to thrive particularly in spaces with moisture available and minimal sunlight. The areas of your home or office building that tend to be dark and damp – like a basement – are perfect candidates for mold issues.


Q: Can mold be completely eliminated?

A: You won’t be able to wipe mold out entirely from any space, because as mentioned above, it grows everywhere. What you want to concern yourself with is mold remediation in Burlington that cleans up areas of mold growth that have spread wildly and threaten to harm the health of those who live or work in the building.


Q: Is mold deadly?

A: Despite what you may have heard – or been told by someone trying to scare you – mold is not deadly. It is, however, bad for your respiratory health in a number of ways, so things like black mold should be taken seriously and cleaned up by a trained professional with the right equipment.


Q: How do I know if my home has a mold problem?

A: Spotting visual signs of mold is a sure way to know that there is a problem. If you see mold growing, don’t investigate further on your own – call in AdvantaClean for a proper mold inspection. Also, if you or others in the space are having unexplained health issues, it’s worth considering the possibility that mold is to blame.


Q: How long do mold remediation services take?

A: The time it takes to clean up mold in a space is going to depend entirely on how much mold has grown and on what surfaces. The team at AdvantaClean will aim to finish your job promptly without ever sacrificing the quality of our work.



Q: Will mold go away on its own?

A: No, you shouldn’t expect mold to go away on its own. When you find an area of mold in your home or commercial building, there is an underlying cause that has created that situation. So, until the underlying issue is corrected, you can expect the mold to remain.


Q: Can’t I just paint over the mold?

A: It’s not a good idea to paint over areas of mold growth. While it might look like the problem is fixed, you’ve done nothing about the underlying issue and the mold that has already grown has not been removed. Professional mold remediation in Burlington is a much better option than painting over the affected area.


Q: What is involved in mold remediation?

A: There are two general phases to a mold remediation project – removing what has grown and figuring out what caused it to grow in the first place. By addressing both halves of this equation, we are able to solve the problem and prevent it from recurring.


Q: Is mold remediation a DIY job?

A: We don’t recommend handling mold remediation as a DIY project. For one thing, it can be harmful to your health to deal with large amounts of mold without the proper safety equipment. Further, without the right gear and training, it’s unlikely that you’ll completely solve the problem, and you will likely be looking at a return of this mold issue in the near future.

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