Finding mold in a building is always worrisome. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is or why it is growing in the space, it’s important to have the matter addressed as soon as possible. All types of mold can be harmful in sufficient quantity, and the story is no different with green mold.


For a professional Burlington mold inspection that will identify what you are dealing with and what needs to be done to fix it, call AdvantaClean right away to schedule an appointment.


A Category of Molds

Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as “green mold”. In other words, this is not a formal mold classification, but rather an easy way to refer to various molds that happen to be green in color. If you find mold in a building and it looks green, that shade will help narrow down the options for what it could be, but it’s far from a formal identification. Some of the possibilities in the green category include penicillium, Cladosporium, aspergillus, and more.


Unfortunately, color just isn’t a great way to identify a mold, since the same type of mold can grow in different shades in different places. Proper professional testing is needed to get to the bottom of what you are dealing with.


Don’t Take Any Mold Lightly

You have probably heard that so-called “black mold” is dangerous to your health, and that is certainly true. But the respect that has been given to black mold by the general public should actually apply across the board to any type of mold that may be growing in a building. Regardless of color, mold can be harmful in sufficient quantity. If you see a mold that isn’t black and just assume it’s not harmful, you could be making a serious mistake.


Professional Removal is Necessary

Trying to remove mold as a DIY project is unsafe and unlikely to be successful. Without the right equipment to do the work safely, and without the knowledge necessary to completely remove all areas of mold, it’s nearly certain that new mold growth will be back almost immediately. You don’t want this to be a persistent, ongoing issue – you want to treat it once and be done with it.


Teaming up with qualified professionals is the only appropriate way to deal with this problem. For one thing, the pros you trust will bring in quality, high-tech equipment to eradicate the mold. Also, these experts will know where to look for the sources of moisture that are feeding the mold growth in the first place. By cutting off the source of moisture in the space – whatever it may be – the mold won’t have a chance to grow back, and you won’t need to deal with this problem moving forward.


AdvantaClean is a leader in mold removal in Burlington, so this should be your first call once you realize there is a problem. For projects from big to small, the AdvantaClean team is ready to jump into action and bring your indoor space back into safe condition.

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