High humidity in a crawl space can be problematic for many homes particularly in the Southern United States.  Given the humid conditions that we deal with during the warmer months, you need to be sure moisture isn’t accumulating in your crawl space and leading to problems like mold and mildew. To stay away from this issue, many homeowners opt for a dehumidifier – but is that the right approach? Let’s take a closer look.

This post comes to you from North Carolina, courtesy of the team at AdvantaClean of the Piedmont. If you are thinking about using a crawl space dehumidifier in Greensboro, also give careful consideration to our encapsulation service. When the occasional storm rolls through the Greensboro area, encapsulation can help keep moisture on the outside, where it belongs. That way, you avoid costly damage to your crawl space and can enjoy your house dry and mold free for many years to come.

A Dehumidifier is One of Many Options

As you seek to bring down the moisture level in your crawl space, a dehumidifier is one of many worthwhile options that you may consider. Crawl spaces that feature an unfinished, bare dirt floor allow moisture from the ground to come up into the space, and that moisture can lead to trouble. With a suitable dehumidifier in the crawl space, moisture will regularly be pulled out of the air and the area will be much drier as a result.

It’s worth noting that the growth of mold is only one potential problem that can stem from high humidity in a crawl space. If you like to store things in this part of your home, those items can be damaged by moisture content in the air, leaving them either damaged or destroyed.

Taking Another Approach

While dehumidifiers can be effective, they are not without drawbacks. There is the upfront cost of the unit to consider, as well as the ongoing cost of the energy it requires to run. Plus, it may need maintenance from time to time, and no mechanical system lasts forever, so it will eventually need to be replaced.

As a better more reliable alternative to a dehumidifier, consider crawl space encapsulation. Rather than trying to pull the moisture out of the air once it has entered the crawl space, this approach involves stopping the moisture from getting inside in the first place. By creating a durable, thick barrier between the bare ground and the crawl space, moisture will be blocked out and the inside should stay dry for many years to come. This is a solution that doesn’t require ongoing maintenance or power, and it can be put in place quickly by an experienced team of professionals.

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Our encapsulation is an affordable and reliable way to keep the crawl space of your Greensboro home dry. Stay away from the potential frustrations and complications that come with using a dehumidifier by simply cutting off this problem at the source. Block the moisture via encapsulation and rest assured that you won’t find any unwanted surprises when you venture down to the crawl space to inspect the condition of your home. If you are not in North Carolina, don't worry, there are AdvantaClean locations all over the country and we likely have one near you that can help you with your crawl space moisture problem.  We look forward to serving you.

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