What Constitutes Water Damage?

Leaks and water intrusion can wreak havoc in unexpected areas of your home. The issues water creates vary and include introducing foreign materials inside the residence and physically changing structural materials and contents. Signs include stains, odor, warping, and standing water. While some effects are reversible, others may be permanent if left unchecked. AdvantaClean provides significant experience dealing with water incidents, and we can help you understand the extent of your problems and offer the appropriate solutions.

What Actions Are Essential When Facing Water Damage?

Although wet materials are the main problem in the incident's immediate aftermath, you must consider the other issues developing out of sight. For example, accumulating water typically spreads further within the property by wicking through materials or evaporating into the air and increasing humidity levels. This excess moisture triggers many detrimental processes, including wood swelling, rust, and microbial growth that may form mold.

Acting quickly after water intrusion is key to mitigating the damage. AdvantaClean provides unmatched assistance resolving the issue through expert evaluation and strategic response. Our goals are to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.   

A productive restoration strategy involves: 

  • Preventing damage escalation
  • Reversing changes in materials
  • Replacing deteriorated materials 
  • Preventing future issues like roof or pipe leaks

Water damage spreads over time through wicking and condensation. Our trained crews take measures to contain the initial problem before it causes further harm.  AdvantaClean handles every aspect from damage assessment to executing a restoration plan that arrests water damage and returns your home to normal.

Numerous aspects of water damage restoration involve expert input. Whether it's relocating items to access standing water or dismantling a wall section to reach damp insulation, these tasks require the expertise of professionals. AdvantaClean can deploy a team of skilled technicians capable of concurrently addressing multiple restoration tasks with tools and equipment designed to enhance efficiency. A case in point is the utilization of vacuum extractors, which significantly reduce the time required to extract stagnant water and desiccate damp spaces, when compared to traditional methods like mopping and natural ventilation.

Water intrusion creates chaos in your otherwise organized home. Slippery surfaces, collapsed ceiling panels, wet materials, and other issues mean you cannot conveniently access some areas within your property. Creating some order is essential before embarking on different aspects of the restoration. Our crews set aside a staging area to hold equipment, cleaning agents, and other necessary resources to facilitate rehabilitation. We also set up large trash cans to collect debris, such as pieces of wall or ceiling panels torn from the structure. We perform demolition professionally and neatly. Our skilled work crews are equipped with PPE, such as rubber boots and heavy-duty gloves, thus avoiding risks such as contaminants or sharp objects.  

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If you are dealing with water damage in your home, call AdvantaClean at (877) 800-2382 for quick response.