Microbial infestation is something that homeowners rarely see coming, even though it is more common than you would think. While you may expect patches around your showers or tubs, noticing spots around your walls or ceilings could point to a much larger issue. The problem is that mold remediation is daunting and challenging for anyone without training to tackle as a DIY project. With all the potential hazards involved and chances that you could make matters worse, hiring skilled technicians is the only way to go about mold removals for your Larchmont home. AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford is here for all your cleanup and restoration needs. 

Why Hire Professional Mold Cleanup?

AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford has all the training, experience, and tools to ensure your project gets done correctly and everything goes off without a hitch. You could get in touch with us for mold remediation if:

  • You begin noticing microbial development under kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, walls, ceilings, or carpeting. 

  • You detect a musty, pervasive odor anywhere within your home.

  • It seems like your house's interior is more humid than usual, or you have had a recent water incident or plumbing leak. 

Our Technicians Are Ready for Remediation Challenges

One reason we do not recommend DIY mold removal is the possibility of making matters worse. There are also countless mold species inside and outside, so complete eradication is impossible. AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford knows how to identify fungus-related issues and moisture control problems so that we can help you to get the proper fix and return your property to pre-damage condition. Whether you have mildew buildup due to improper ventilation in your bathroom or a basement with a failed sump pump now showing signs of microbial growth, we have the best practices to generate excellent results. 

Mold remediation can be challenging for several reasons, one being that it can sometimes be difficult to spot with the naked eye. You could have spores colonizing behind walls due to a hidden pipe leak. Another reason is that spores are microscopic and quickly become airborne. They often latch onto pets, clothing, hair, and anything in your home. For these reasons, having skilled technicians onsite to address cleaning, sanitizing, and moisture control is the perfect way to give you peace of mind that everything gets handled correctly. 

You Can Trust the AdvantaClean Advantage

Our team includes IICRC-certified and experienced technicians with ongoing training to face mold projects head-on. We understand the nature of mold, how to safely clean it, and keep it from returning to your home. Our processes often follow these steps:

  • Identifying the moisture source could be a failed water damage cleanup or a plumbing problem.

  • Assessment of impacted areas to determine the spread and how many items are salvageable. Note: Porous materials like carpeting or ceiling tiles usually must get removed.

  • Cleaning of all infestations, including patches found under cabinets, behind walls, under carpeting, and above ceiling panels.

Contact AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford at (914) 505-6570, and we can send out a crew as soon as possible to help with your mold removal needs in Larchmont.

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