Though there are multiple stages and means of describing mitigation in restoration and recovery services, homeowners can consider it the first deliberate step in fixing their homes after a disaster. AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland and Stamford specializes in multiple types of water mitigation following leaks, flooding, and other emergencies. 

Fast Water Mitigation and Emergency Restoration Services Near Greenwich

Did you know the first 48 hours are crucial for water mitigation in Greenwich homes and businesses? Most of the damage that water will do to building materials and contents of your property happens on this timeline, and the earlier that qualified and competent professionals address the spreading water and moisture in the property, the better. Our emergency services and mitigation following water damage focus on a few key areas: 

As you might expect, the most pressing issue following a water damage emergency in your house is getting rid of the excess water. The situation and conditions will only worsen the longer materials in your home remain exposed to standing water, so our AdvantaClean team arrives with a range of extraction and removal tools, like pumps and vacuums, to manage varying levels of this threat. 

  • Emergency Repairs

The repair process we can implement in our mitigation solutions is twofold. First, we must focus on protecting your home by stopping the water threat. Many types of repairs vary based on the situation; this could be repairing a broken or leaking portion of plumbing or damage to a roof where water can penetrate the attic. Stopping the penetration or the flow of water makes later restoration work possible.

The second half of our emergency repair services stabilizes and secures your damaged home. Water can leave a mess behind, but none so dangerous as making building materials too heavy to stay in place. Collapsing or deteriorating structural elements can be a hazard for your family, which is why our specialists prioritize them during the mitigation process. 

  • Content Claim Services

Our relationships with local and national insurance companies allow us to be skillful vendors in critical services like content claims. Mitigation can be as much about determining the extent of the damage and how it has impacted or ruined items in your Greenwich home as cleaning up or repairing compromised structures. We create a detailed spreadsheet of the areas of your home and the condition of the items we find in these locations so you have all the information to present to your insurance provider. 

Creating a Restoration Plan 

Many families have seen the harm of companies making restoration work fit a universal timeline or handle each disaster similarly. We know your property and its damage effects are unique, so the solution must be a custom plan to tackle specific issues, obstacles, and personal priorities. Our commitment to tailored restoration ensures that you have peace of mind, the costs stay manageable for customers, and we can walk away knowing we quelled the problem’s source and effects.

AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland and Stamford has seen everything, from a leak to a frozen pipe bursting in the walls. We know how to help fast when you call us for assistance, and we have teams of trained professionals ready to mobilize at the first sign of trouble. Reach us 24/7 by calling (803) 597-2022.

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