AdvantaClean Professionals Help with Mold Cleanup

The sight of mold in your home can be an alarming discovery, especially when you are unsure what is causing it. Not only can this be a destructive presence to the structure, but it also poses potential health risks for those exposed to the higher concentration of spores and volatile organic compounds these colonies produce. Professional mold remediation is often necessary to stop the spread of these spores, clear the active colonization of mold, and protect your home and family from future concerns.

Verifying the Mold Damage 

Before much of the remediation work can begin, AdvantaClean can confirm the presence of mold. Our mold inspection services focus on the areas likely to experience this damage because of a continuous battle with moisture. We are attentive to your concerns and work to help you understand your Greenwich home’s condition and what might be needed before official testing gets conducted by an industrial hygienist. The process often involves our thermography equipment to track moisture pockets that might encourage mold development in your house.

When Cleanup is Beyond Your Ability

You are not alone in your want to provide the cleaning and repairs your home could need. That same DIY attitude has sometimes saved homeowners thousands of dollars, but it is not always feasible or safe. When mold spreads in your house, conditions get hazardous for those around the colonies. Improper cleaning does not clear the problem entirely or, in some cases, makes it worse. For this reason, AdvantaClean professionals get extensively trained in safely and adequately handling contaminated materials and efficient mold cleanup approaches.


Cleaning Products Solve Several Issues 

One of the important factors of getting professionals like our AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland and Stamford team involved as soon as possible is potentially less invasive mold remediation. When spores cannot rapidly replicate and begin to settle and spread more deeply into a porous host, it is possible to use surface products to eliminate this budding colonization and preserve the material affected. Products can help with mold cleanup in three specific ways:

  • Surface Mold 

Mold works from the outside, similar to how water impacts porous installed materials in your house. When reached fast enough, we can destroy surface mold before more of the structure suffers damage.

  • Prevention

Removing the mold from the surface is not enough to protect the material or those nearby. Antimicrobial agents are also a preventative barrier to make hosting materials in this room of your house uninhabitable to mold spores.

  • Deodorization

Cleaning products used to eradicate colonies can also play a part in lessening the severity of musty smells associated with the organism.


Full Mold Removal

Despite the less intrusive surface mold removal options, this does not always fully eliminate the problem your home faces. When microbial growth penetrates beyond this surface layer, more and more aggressive cleaning methods must be used. Our professionals provide a range of removal tactics, beginning with sanding and mechanical actions and continuing through media blasting with pressurized air or water. These strategies can help avoid costlier reconstruction needs when our AdvantaClean professionals can save the hosting material.

Lingering Effects After Damages

Have you ever encountered the smell of mold in someone’s basement or in an area of a property that battled moisture concerns? Volatile organic compounds are created by active mold colonies and produce this offensive, musty smell that often accompanies organism development. AdvantaClean provides effective neutralizing and deodorizing products and approaches to help your home let go of musty mold odors.

Mold remediation for your home is rarely something you can do on your own. When the damaged area exceeds ten square feet, it is necessary to seek out experienced professionals like our AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland and Stamford team. Call us now at (914) 505-6570 for help.

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