Removing the Water ASAP Prevents Secondary Issues

Nothing is as panic-inducing as discovering water pooling on your kitchen floor from a broken appliance or a basement filled with runoff after heavy rain. However, once you shut off the supply line or the storm passes, relief quickly replaces panic as the visible water disappears. Should you just replace the broken hose or discard the idea of installing a sump pump and return to your daily routine? Moving on without mitigation, including investigating the possible water spread and the need to stop and reverse the incursion, is tempting to a busy homeowner. Before you turn the page, consider that experts in disaster recovery warn that skipping water mitigation in Greenwich homes after leaks and flooding can be a costly and devastating mistake.

Water from a plumbing leak or storm damage may appear to drain out of your house quickly, as the fluids rapidly filter through cracks and crevices common to all buildings. Absorbent porous materials in the structure and its furnishings can also wick away visible water, giving property owners the illusion that the crisis is over. However, the water is not gone. Substantial quantities of often contaminated liquid may remain hidden inside a home, pooling in cavities and saturating building materials.

Risks When Water Remains in Your Home

The failure to obtain a professional assessment and arrange for active water mitigation in Greenwich properties has the potential for significant negative consequences. AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland and Stamford regularly sees situations where neglecting to stop the spread and reverse the effects of moisture trapped in contents, subfloors, over ceilings, between walls, and under cabinets will: 

  • Continuously and progressively weaken structures and fixtures

  • Threaten the warping and eventual collapse of building materials, including ceilings, stairs, walls, and floors 

  • Create conditions that encourage the growth of molds and mildews

  • Cause persistent odors that make living in the wet spaces incredibly unpleasant

Finding and Resolving Trapped Water and Moisture

Our IICRC-certified crews of Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) have the training and tools to evaluate your current water mitigation needs. The workers recognize visual signs of excess water damage, including distortions in flooring and bulges and “sweating” on drywall or ceilings. We use sensitive moisture detection probes, moisture meters, and infrared temperature mapping cameras to locate unseen pooled and absorbed liquids, determining where to focus water removal and professional structural drying to halt the migration and destructive force of water inside the recesses of your home. Water mitigation efforts that “follow the flow” can include some or all of the following:

  • Completing partial planned demolition to control the release of trapped liquid water and permit access to dry out wet materials--common examples are removal of several inches or feet of drywall above the floor (flood cuts) and punching or drilling through surfaces (weep holes common in ceilings, baseboard level holes in walls)

  • Inserting hoses into drilled holes to suction out water (negative air pressure) or to force warm air in a cavity to dry it more efficiently (positive air pressure)

  • Using specialized mats connected via hose to powerful extraction equipment to pull moisture from several layers of flooring materials 

  • Setting up pumps in recessed areas or sending technicians with portable backpack extractors to remove caches of water in tight spaces

  • Positioning air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to dry out wet building materials, regularly monitoring the moisture levels in both structure and the air to ensure rapid yet appropriate results without over drying

A delay in active mitigation risks structural integrity and invites secondary damage. Contact AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland and Stamford at (914) 505-6570 immediately for water mitigation of leaks and flooding in Greenwich.

Our highly qualified IICRC-certified technicians have the skills and experience to handle today’s disruption and prevent future structural breakdowns due to unresolved water damage. Active mitigation of water issues is the only way to ensure lingering moisture does not expose your home or business to progressive deterioration, odors, and mold growth. 

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