What Water Cleanup Services Protect a Structure?

There are hundreds of ways that your home could need water damage restoration and recovery services. From leaking appliances to overflowing sinks and tubs, we must rapidly manage the spread and severity of threats to your home to prevent irreparable harm. While you might believe the solution is merely wiping up spills with mops and towels, sometimes, an emergency impacts a more extensive range of materials and sensitive contents. Cleanup services like drying, extraction, dehumidification, and ventilation can provide helpful paths for protecting the affected structure.

Burst Pipe Damage 

A break or separation of the plumbing system can be catastrophic to your Harrison home or business. AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford has seen this destructive side of disasters and must utilize direct mitigation and restoration solutions to overcome standing water, trapped moisture, and various repairs that might be necessary. You rarely notice when your plumbing has reached a point where it could crack or split, so we must address the resulting damage as rapidly as possible. We provide solutions for drying and restoring materials connected to a burst pipe event, such as:

  • Plumbing 

  • Framing 

  • Drywall

Flooding and Spill Damage

Rapidly intruding water into your house, as you might find with flood damage, can overwhelm installed materials like flooring. Standing water is a serious concern and obstacle for responding restoration professionals. We have specific drying practices for water cleanup impacting the structure, including solutions for:

  • Carpeting

Carpets are immediately overwhelmed by water, including the padding underneath them. We have effective mitigation solutions to excrete trapped moisture in these fibrous floorings. Still, it can often be as cost-effective to pull up this damaged rug to the subflooring and replace it with new materials. 

  • Wood Flooring

Semi-porous installations like wood plank flooring might be slower to absorb moisture but also are more challenging to dry when this damage exists. AdvantaClean professionals have special restoration equipment, like drying mats, to pull water from plank flooring and the underlying materials. 

  • Cabinets/Vanities

Vanities and base cabinets often get impacted by standing water and flood damage. When contamination is not a concern, we can dry out these fixtures to avoid replacement. 

A Need for Moisture Control

Another potential concern with water is how humidity can impact various materials and contents of your property. Relative humidity is the measure of moisture content in the environment, and above a certain level, structural degradation and mold development become legitimate concerns. Dehumidification is the most direct way to limit this impact on your house, and this moisture control need often gets focused on specific areas like:

  • Wall Systems

Drywall, baseboards, chair rails, and wallpaper components of a surface wall system can all be altered and impacted by humid conditions. Dehumidification and drying limit the potential moisture damage. 

  • Ceiling Assemblies 

Painted drywall used in the ceilings for your house is a suitable surface for water damage and mold growth. Effective drying and humidity reduction prevent sagging. 

  • Mold-Damaged Contents

High humidity is the ideal environment for mold development. Mold can affect clothes stored in your attic, magazines on a rack in your bathroom, and countless other sensitive materials. Dehumidification can help limit mold development.  

Do not let a need for water damage restoration become unnecessary repairs and reconstruction in your house. AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford is ready to help after a disaster when you call (914) 505-6570 .

Fast Mitigating Actions Help Your Home 

We are local restoration professionals that can help you protect your Harrison home or business from the worst water damage can do. Water is in continuous motion regardless of how it affects your home, making the response of talented recovery specialists vital to reaching cleaning and drying milestones. For this reason, mitigation must start as soon as possible. Our 24/7 availability ensures emergency services are happening fast after disasters strike.

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