Minimize Risks of Water Mitigation Challenges 

Lawns and gardens in New Rochelle are greening up, often helped by in-ground sprinkling systems and traditional hose-based irrigation methods attached to outdoor spigots. Seize the opportunity before summer is in full swing to assess, maintain, repair, and replace water components in your yard to mitigate water damage problems posed by worn faucets, poorly positioned spray heads, broken hoses, and underground conduit. You have the power to manage your exposure to water damage and the mitigation disruptions that can follow. 

Outdoor Water Woes Meander Inside 

Catching the destructive supersaturation and seepage from poorly performing faucets, spigots, and sprinklers early helps minimize the need for and intensity of water mitigation efforts in New Rochelle. Dripping outdoor faucets need immediate repair as the leaking can migrate along the supply pipe to spread water damage in your basement or crawl space. When your lawn transforms from fresh and green to soft and muddy, do not delay. Contact the experts at AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford. We can complete a thorough inspection of dripping faucets, spigots, hose bibs, and leaky automatic sprinklers, checking for: 

  • Ruptured or cracked pipes  

  • Disengaged or corroded (rusted) connectors 

  • Excessive water pressure that forces water to escape joints between pipes and connections 

  • Damaged or incorrectly directed spray nozzles 

Water Mitigation Steps 

Failure to discover the malfunctions in faucets or sprinklers means the resultant soggy ground exerts pressure on your home’s envelope at the foundation level. Water in the saturated ground has to go somewhere. Do what you can to avoid its movement into your home. Our water mitigation efforts include: 

  • Shutting off the supply lines until repairs or replacement occurs 

  • Inspecting the walls of basements and crawl spaces for active incursion 

  • Interrupting the flow of seepage by containing and removing water with pumps and extractors   

  • Checking on the operation of a sump system if you have one or recommending the installation of a sump pit and pump to remove seepage more effectively and automatically in the future 

Prompt Water Mitigation Leads to Peace of Mind 

Many home maintenance tasks compete for your attention in the spring and summer. Carving out time to manage outdoor water damage risks is worth the effort. Whether you need a simple fix like new washers in a faucet or hose connection or a complete overhaul of an inground irrigation configuration, schedule water mitigation assessment services. The professionals from AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford can tell you that solving these issues before the seasons change again is vital to the integrity of your home.  

Poorly performing and leaking faucets, annoying in the summer, can transform into frozen and ruptured basement pipes when temperatures plunge next fall and winter. Fractured sprinkler parts may be impossible to shut off completely, sending freezing, muddy moisture into crawl spaces or cellars when you least expect it.  

Join forces with AdvantaClean of Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford to prepare your home to limit exposure to risks requiring water mitigation. Call (914) 505-6570 to learn how prevention and mitigation work together. 

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