Flooding in a home can happen with little to no warning. Other than standard preparation such as cleaning gutters, ensuring water flows away from the property, and installing equipment such as sump pumps, Charlotte homeowners have very little time to prepare for sudden large amounts of rising water affecting their property. The outcome is the same in each instance; it brings the need for expedited flood cleanup services.

Why Flood Cleanup Should Happen Rapidly

After a storm, immediate action is crucial. In this area of the state, humidity levels can exacerbate water damage from flooding, leading to the potential for mold colony growth and possible structural issues. Beginning the extraction and drying strategy as soon as possible can mitigate these risks. Another tip is that insurance companies may limit the time for flood restoration claims, making it imperative to act quickly and get professional help.

How Flood Water Damages Building Materials 

The porous nature of drywall and carpet padding absorbs water and quickly turns redeemable to ruin. This type of water is also considered “black water” and can potentially contain contamination ranging from debris to harmful bacteria and sewage. Professional restoration by AdvantaClean involves the removal of damaged materials as part of the cleanup process.

Flood Restoration Begins With Professional Assessments 

After a storm, contact your insurance provider promptly to start the claims process for the flood cleanup services. AdvantaClean professionals can identify hidden damage, provide accurate estimates, and communicate with insurance agents to ensure a smooth claims process. After the initial water extraction, devices such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters can pinpoint additional areas that require attention. 

Floodwater Cleanup Water Extraction 

AdvantaClean removes floodwater using powerful pumps and vacuums. The more moisture collected during this stage of the restoration, the lessens the amount of drying time needed. The advanced equipment used exceeds the power of consumer-grade wet/dry vacuums and fans. 

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