Mold Remediation Addresses Multiple Concerns 

Moisture and water damage can often be challenging enough to remove from your house. This mitigation must be done quickly and thoroughly to prevent mold growth and more damage. With so many materials in your home capable of supporting mold colonies, this disaster can get out of control quickly, threatening your house, family, and belongings.

Mold Inspection Tracks the Severity of Damage 

Beginning mold remediation in Charlotte homes must often start with thoroughly inspecting your house and the impacted materials. We want to discover what risk factors exist and the pressing concerns that must be addressed with our mitigation, cleaning, and restoration solutions. AdvantaClean experts walk through the property, creating a tailored remediation plan for:

  • Structural Deterioration  

One of the most recognizable traits of active mold colonies is how they use organic matter as a food source. Organisms use the building materials of your household as an energy source to continue to grow, expand, and migrate. While surface cleaning can sometimes be enough to contend with the damage that mold can do, there are situations where controlled demolition is the most suitable solution for remediating microbial growth.

  • Spreading Concerns 

Containment is important in how we care for your home after mold exposure. We have to limit the movement of spores and organisms, so we erect barriers and seal over structural openings to reduce the spread of mold while remediation continues.

  • Strong Malodors 

Developing mold will create musty smells. Much like someone cooking a batch of sauerkraut in the kitchen, the distinct odor of mold is not easy to ignore. Deodorization and masking solutions must be a part of the overall remediation process.

  • Moisture Control 

It is crucial to have suitable solutions for managing the moisture in your house. Our team will use humidity-regulating machines like dehumidifiers during remediation, but we must also consider more permanent long-term solutions.

Black Mold Removal Solutions 

Much like algebra or many sciences, there can be several paths to reach the same destination regarding remediation and mold removal. Many choices revolve around the severity of the infestation, the affected materials, and the impact it has on your daily life. You want to make sure your family is safe, and that efficient measures are underway, so we have several remediation approaches to consider when facing active colonies:

  • Surface Cleaning

  • Sanding

  • Media Blasting

  • Controlled Demolition

Odor Management 

One of the final obstacles keeping your home from being like it used to be before the disaster is the powerful smell colonies can create. Volatile organic compounds are a byproduct of colonization, and their presence generates offensive, musty malodors. Many can pick out the smell of mold from various times encountering it in their life, so you can often use this as a guidepost to signal something is wrong in your house even when you cannot see a developing colony. Deodorization practices can help neutralize strong smells, preventing uncomfortable living conditions so you can get back to normal life faster.

AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte is a trusted name in mold remediation and cleanup services. While microbial colonies can significantly threaten your house and your family, you no longer have to deal with these organisms without a solution. Call our remediation professionals at (803) 325-2100. 

Preventing Mold Recurrences for Your House

Do you know what was causing the mold to grow in your house? Do you know how to keep it from happening again? Part of our mold remediation service is taking the needed steps to protect your house from experiencing recurrences. Much of this effort means discovering where moisture threatened your home in the first place and repairing these vulnerabilities with new material installations or patches.

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