Air Duct Cleaning Relies on Equipment and a Professional Process

Ducts play a vital role in routing air from the exterior of a building to different points inside, where it's heated, cooled, and circulated. But over time, dirt and dust can build in these pipes, causing inefficiencies and poor air quality. To know your need for these services, it helps to understand the process AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte undertake and the needed equipment to improve indoor air quality.  

What Equipment Helps Charlotte Homes?

If you're wondering how Charlotte air duct cleaning works, it all comes down to the tools and equipment. The ductwork's size and the dirty vents' location determine the kit needed, including a metal brush, cobra flashlight, extension tube, and dust bags. But that's not all. Our professionals use powerful vacuums to suck out dirt and debris from the ducts by creating pressure. Tools of this trade used to help your home include:

  • Ductwork Brushes

Industrial scrubbing brushes clean ventilation pipes by rotating and removing dust, dirt, and grime from the line. A vacuum attached to the brush cleans the area of any residue.

  • Extension Tubes/Parts

Flexible hoses and nozzle extensions are available for vacuum units, allowing more effortless cleaning of hard-to-reach vent pipes and quickly removing debris.

  • Compressed Air Equipment

The most efficient way to clean ducts is by using a compressed air system. It involves a compressor, hose, and nozzle that create pressure to suck out debris particles from all pipes.

  • Truck Powered Vacuum

Truck-powered vacuums are the most efficient equipment to clean ducts of any size. They clean all vents attached to ventilation systems effectively.

Our Process for Keeping Your Ducts Clean

Before cleaning your air ducts, inspecting them for damage, leaks, cracks, or bad connections is essential. We complete and deliver an estimation if only a portion of the ductwork requires attention. We have unique borescope cameras to document the condition of ductwork throughout your house.

Negative Pressure

To thoroughly clean the air ducts in your home, our team utilizes specialized equipment designed to create negative pressure through a vacuum deployed through the vents. We calibrate the equipment for this process to provide optimal suction power while minimizing any potential damage to the ducts, ensuring that the cleaning process is effective and safe.

Dust Agitation

Reverse pressure should be created by agitating the debris before and after cleaning, which removes contaminated air. We connect a vacuum hose to a fan and turn on the air blower to move debris and dust particles through the ductwork system.

Whole System Attention

Air ductwork can vary in size and shape depending on its location within a building. Some ducts only go from outside to inside, while others run from one side of the device to the other. Other ducts may be located at different heights than others. Most of the time, an air system will have several different combinations of ductwork throughout your house. Cleaning professionals should be able to get into every part of an air system without doing more than just one cleaning job.

Air duct cleaning is vital to manage the air quality in your home for your family. AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte use various methods to remove dirt and debris from the system after only a phone call to (803) 325-2100.

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