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The air quality within your Charlotte home or business depends on how well your HVAC system performs. Your system’s air ducts help maintain indoor air temperature and provide clean air for everyone inside. Ensuring your ducts are free and clear allows you to avoid respiratory problems, so hiring AdvantaClean for air duct cleaning is a wise plan.

What happens if you skip out on air duct cleaning in Charlotte? Your air ducts could become inundated with debris, dust, and allergens that settle along the inner lining. Once this occurs, it cuts down on your air ventilation system efficiency, increases operating costs, and exposes your family and pets to various health issues.

When you want to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and prolong the lifespan of your ventilation system, it is best to add annual air duct cleaning to your to-do list. But how can you tell when your ducts need a thorough cleaning? AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte can provide you with some of the common signs to look for.

Top Signs You Need Professional Air Duct Cleaning

  • Dirty surfaces throughout your interior
    It is every homeowner’s dream to have clean surfaces throughout their property. However, if you constantly find a coating of dust on your outer vent lining, furnishings, counters, and floors, it is time to look at your ducts.

    Dust, dirt, and debris can easily infiltrate your air ducts. As time passes, they pile up inside the ductwork and get blown through the return air each time the HVAC system gets turned on. Accumulated debris can also clog up the filters and restrict airflow, thus putting more pressure on your ventilation system. Regular air duct cleaning can help resolve such an issue.

  • Mold development
    Mildew and mold growth around your air vents strongly indicate that your ducts need professional attention. Along with pet dander, pollen, and dust, some microbes circulate throughout the air. Once these microbes gather in the vents, mold begins to thrive. Any condensation within your HVAC system helps create the perfect environment for mold colonization.

  • Foul odors
    If you start detecting a foul smell each time your heating or cooling system is on, it could be due to whatever lurks within your air ducts. Mildew and mold can thrive in your air vents, bringing about unwanted odors that impact the overall IAQ within your home.

  • Higher energy costs
    Should you see your energy bills unexpectedly rising each month, your air ducts might be the cause. The passages should always be clear throughout your ducts so air can flow freely. With the build-up of mold, grime, pollen, and other airborne particulates, your air passages and vent filters become blocked. The blockages can put extra strain on your air conditioning and heating system, making them work harder and become less efficient.


How AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte Can Help

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in air duct cleaning so that we can help you eliminate various contaminants like bacteria, dust, and mold. Professional duct cleaning can help you breathe easily again, knowing that you have cleaner air and higher HVAC system efficiency. Once we arrive at your property, we will:

  • Explain our air duct cleaning process and answer any questions you have.
  • Your home gets prepared for cleaning, ensuring all points are accessible. We then place guards and covers in place to protect specific areas.
  • Vents and returns get sealed, and we use negative air pressure to help maximize airflow.
  • We use a vacuum device to gather mold, dust, dirt, and other particles within the ducts.

Professional air duct cleaning with AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte gets results fast. Call our team at (803) 325-2100, and we can schedule service as soon as possible.

Ensuring your home or business has clean air ducts is challenging as a DIY project. Rather than going through the fuss alone, AdvantaClean arrives with specialized equipment and industry knowledge to generate results quickly and efficiently.

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