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There are many myths about air duct cleaning and what it can do for your Charlotte property. It can be challenging to know what are facts and what are not. However, you should always know the facts about your ductwork and how essential regular cleaning is. You can enjoy many advantages of this service as a homeowner, so you want to entrust your home's ductwork to professionals. AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte ensures your ducts get the proper attention they deserve.

Before calling us for air duct cleaning in Charlotte, we can go over some of the common myths that are out there about these projects. You might get overwhelmed with conflicting information if you have been looking online to learn about ductwork cleaning services. 

Common Myths About Duct Cleaning Efforts:

  • Having my ducts cleaned will fix air quality. – While cleaning out your air ducts can improve air quality by eliminating allergens and dust, you should never think of this project as a magic wand. DIY methods rarely generate the results you are looking for, and you also need to address the vent covers and duct registers simultaneously. Our professional technicians know how to meticulously clean all ductwork and outlets so that you can boost your indoor air quality immensely. 

  • Duct cleaning is only necessary if someone in the home has serious allergy issues. – Such a thought is one of the most common myths. Pet dander, dust, and allergens can impact anyone in your home regardless of their health. Whether you or someone in the house has allergies, you should still have your ductwork cleaned for healthier living and to prevent leaks and clogs.

  • HVAC efficiency is only impacted if there is a duct clog. – While a clog or blockage is a significant issue for your HVAC system, even a small amount of buildup or debris within the ducts can make your unit work harder. Less efficiency means consuming more energy to keep up with demand, which translates into higher utility bills.

What All Property Owners Should Know About Air Duct Cleaning

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that regular duct cleaning is essential for all homeowners to improve indoor air quality. You should clean out the ducts every three to five years, as regular cleanings keep dust and debris from recirculating or building in the ducts. Keep the following in mind:

  • Airborne particles like mold, dander, dirt, bacteria, and pet hair travel throughout the home via the ducts. 

  • Particles can accumulate over time, lessening air quality, contributing to allergies, and damaging your HVAC equipment.

  • Regular professional cleanings can keep your system running more efficiently and help keep allergens and irritations at a minimum.

Note: In addition to common contaminants like dust, pollen, and pet dander, some households may have pollutants from other sources. If your family has multiple pets, you regularly burn candles or incense, or anyone smokes in the home, you want to ensure you have regular air duct inspections and cleaning. 

What AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte Can Do

When cleaning ducts and vents, you want to ensure a thorough job throughout. Our skilled technicians address all areas of your forced air system and ductwork to ensure no buildup or portions that do not get the attention they deserve. Most DIY cleaning methods fail, and you end up re-contaminating your entire system. 

AdvantaClean of York County and South Charlotte is here for air duct cleaning when you need it. Call us at (803) 325-2100, and we will review the ducts, registers, grills, air filters, and anywhere else there could be an accumulation hindering your HVAC system.

Poor air quality can affect your family and anyone visiting your home. When you hire AdvantaClean for your duct project, you can feel confident in the results. We can help you to avoid common problems and help you to breathe easily again.

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