Wide-Raging Aspects of Water Damage Restoration for Kennesaw Properties

What comes to mind whenever you think of your Kennesaw home or office? - Probably of ways to remodel and enhance its utility or visual appeal. The thought of damage from incidents such as water intrusion is rare. Even if it happens, you are less likely to delve into the details of how such an incident would play out or what your response would be. AdvantaClean of Marietta prepares for such scenarios so that when the day comes, and you need assistance with water intrusion, we can respond appropriately, saving you costs and inconveniences.

The Cause of Water Damage

Water or high moisture concentration can cause problems in any section of your property, affecting the structure or valuables. With moisture always present from sources inside and outside the property, you cannot rule out the chances of water damage even if you have not experienced an incident over a long period. Besides sources, such an incident can arise from your habits, especially if you break routine or delay essential procedures like maintenance. You can benefit from the information AdvantaClean of Marietta offers regarding typical sources of water damage, thus limiting the chances or extent of water damage at your premises. 

Common Sources Supplying Moisture

  • Condensation and humidity issues

  • Appliance failures

  • HVAC system problems

  • Delayed repairs

Humidity builds up inside properties, especially if there are cooking areas, showers, and cloth dryers. Hosting a group of people can also contribute to higher humidity levels. Standard construction practices are designed to handle humidity build-up. However, if a structural problem develops or the humidity management utilities within the structure fail, your mundane actions can result in humidity accumulation and condensation, leading to water damage. Structural systems that help manage humidity include vapor barriers on the interior side of the exterior walls that help keep moisture from reaching indoor areas. The structure might also have air barriers that help keep humid outdoor air from reaching indoor areas. 

Unlike humidity and other hidden moisture issues that build up over time, your property might be vulnerable to instant water intrusions when appliances or plumbing systems fail. Such outcomes commonly develop from high water pressure, improper installations, and friction or abrasion along the joints. AdvantaClean of Marietta helps provide timely water extraction when such huge volumes are released inside a property. We use vacuum extractors, which help remove the water accumulating on surfaces or absorbed by materials such as carpets before physical damages take root. 

Property Maintenance Routines Affect the Chances of Damage

When everything is working in a property, you may think everything is well. However, constant maintenance and repairs are essential to keep things from breaking. Problems can arise at the structure's base when roots intrude, blocking drainage pipes or other plumbing systems. They can also start at the top of the structure when shingles deteriorate or come loose. Even the sides of the building are vulnerable since gutters and downspouts may clog, letting rainwater cascade over the walls. Rather than resolving damage when it develops from these sources, a better approach is keeping them under control. AdvantaClean of Marietta can help inspect your premises, identifying issues that may worsen over time. Our unique equipment, including thermal cameras, helps identify concealed moisture, making it easy to nip problems in the bud.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Water Damage in Kennesaw Properties

The HVAC system in your property helps keep your property comfortable by maintaining air supply and temperature levels constant. However, the system may cause nasty moisture damage like mold, which takes significant effort to eliminate. Some of the problems that develop in the HVAC system leading to moisture build-up include:

  • Condensate drain line blockages

  • Drain pan problems

  • Refrigerant leaks

  • Ductwork leaks

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