When is AdvantaClean Water Damage Cleanup Needed?

Imagine returning home from work, and your shoes immediately begin to slosh through wet carpeting. While you can turn off the service line supplying your water line, you might need to find out where the damage is coming from or how to fix it. This potentially chronic leaking is where a water damage company like AdvantaClean can help. We work fast to get life back to normal with cleanup, drying, and repairs. Professional assistance is critical when:

  • You cannot track the entire damaged area

  • You don't have the tools to dry the impacted space fully

  • You believe mold could also be a threat

  • You can't reach where the water or dampness

Tracking the Damage to Your Home

Choosing a water damage restoration company for your Marietta home makes sense when you consider how difficult merely knowing the full damage scope can be. When a pipe leaks inside one of your house's walls, do you know where all the water goes? With sophisticated tracking tools, you could avoid possible issues in your home that can further deteriorate integrity or allow mold and mildew development. Meters and sensors will enable us to understand affected areas without unnecessary and intrusive controlled demolition. Tools used for this process include:

Thoroughly Drying the Damage Area

There is no room for missteps when removing water and moisture in your home. Failure to eliminate water threats can result in structural deterioration. AdvantaClean takes the guesswork out of cleanup, using the same sensors and sophisticated tools of scoping for tracking the drying process through every phase.

Is Mold a Threat of Water Damage? 

Once mold forms or gets suspected in your property, cleanup and restoration become a much more significant challenge. Where do you begin? AdvantaClean technicians on our roster are accredited in water damage cleanup and mold remediation, rather than leaving part or all of this cleaning and recovery for your family. Prolonged moisture exposure increases the likelihood of mold.

Reaching Where the Water Is Trapped 

You must be equipped to manage water that has migrated beyond the surface where you can easily reach and clean it. In some situations, special equipment is necessary to remove trapped water, while in others, our AdvantaClean technicians must perform controlled demolition. Some of the common places you will see trapped moisture in your damaged house include:

  • Wall Systems – most of the pipes in your home are between the levels of the house or in wall systems. When pipes burst, or leaks happen, wall materials like drywall must be removed to permit access to our drying tools. 


  • Flooring – while carpets are highly porous and require special drying tools, water can become trapped in the wood flooring planks to create potential mold and mildewing and distort the individual units. We use drying mats to protect the flooring. 


  • Challenging Areas – spaces like the attic can be challenging for drying and cleanup. As unfinished space, you might be using this for seasonal storage. A leak requires extraction, drying, and content relocation. 

Water damage can be one of your property's most threatening situations. With dozens of potential causes, we choose among hundreds of drying and cleaning tools to return your residence to its original state. You can count on our AdvantaClean of Marietta team to respond fast from our local headquarters at Marietta when you call us at (470) 819-2077.

Choosing a Water Damage Company to Help

We know you have options for choosing restoration professionals for water damage cleanup. Just like you want to get your home back to looking like it should, AdvantaClean wants to be a part of that process with our swift action and leading recovery equipment. Time is not on your side when facing water disasters, so choosing a team like ours ready to respond right away can make a considerable difference in how easily your home gets repaired, restored, and back to normal.

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