In Marietta, storm damage can occur with little warning and requires immediate attention for the safety and recovery of affected areas. Handling the aftermath of a storm involves a series of strategic steps to ensure personal safety and property protection.

Get the Storm Damage Inspected Professionally by AdvantaClean of Marietta, Georgia

The core aspect of storm damage cleanup is prioritizing safety—often called "Safety First." Before embarking on any cleaning efforts, securing the scene is imperative. This action means inspecting for structural damage from the outside and avoiding entering homes or buildings that appear compromised. Storm forces can significantly weaken the integrity of building materials, posing severe risks.

Identifying Electrical Hazards

Electrical safety is another primary concern. Always ensure the electrical system is turned off before starting any cleanup operations. When AdvantaClean technicians arrive on the scene, this is one of the preliminary actions taken. This precaution prevents electrical shocks and common hazards during water damage restoration. Assume any electrical equipment in the damaged area is potentially damaged by water exposure. In that case, the device should only be tested once a certified expert inspects it to ensure there is no danger of shock or other hazards.

Why PPE is Necessary

Protective gear is non-negotiable during cleanup. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, boots, and protective eyewear can help avoid injuries from broken glass, sharp objects, and other debris commonly scattered by storm winds. Additionally, since stormwater can be contaminated, PPE can prevent direct contact with potentially hazardous elements.

Why Expedited Water Cleanup is Important

Water removal and drying are critical steps in addressing storm damage. Prompt removal of water helps mitigate the risks of mold and structural deterioration. Fast action is vital in Marietta, where humidity can compound these issues. AdvantaClean experts utilize professional pumps, vacuums, and dehumidifiers to remove water, dry out the premises rapidly, and handle any needed repairs after the restoration project.

Storm Damage Documentation

Thorough documentation of the damage is crucial for insurance claims and future reference. As part of the restoration, AdvantaClean takes photographs or videos of all affected areas and items before, during, and after the cleanup. These images provide a clear record to the insurance carrier and can assist in streamlining the claims process.

After a severe storm affects Marietta's properties, it is essential to emphasize the importance of being aware of potential electrical hazards, wearing proper equipment as needed, and getting professional assistance from AdvantaClean for the best outcome. By following these guidelines, residents can navigate the aftermath of a storm more safely and effectively, leading to a faster storm damage recovery process.

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