Water Damage in your Marietta Property May Feel Overwhelming the following Steps May Help

Severe water leaks are rarely everyday events, so when they happen, they can throw you off-balance, interfering with your daily routines and costing you unbudgeted money. The situation can be more manageable if you understand what your Marietta home requires to overcome the water damage. It usually takes several procedures to remove the intruding water, clean soiled areas, and repair any damages present. AdvantaClean of Marietta helps plan the process in a way that makes water damage restoration less overwhelming. 

Initial Response to Water Damage

On discovering water in your property, some actions are critical in ensuring a positive outcome. Safety, loss documentation, and mitigating further damages help create order, allowing the rest of the restoration to run smoothly. You may trivialize safety issues when the leak is from a clean water pipe. However, slick surfaces, short-circuits, and weakened surfaces are all possibilities when unwanted water flows into your property, creating varying degrees of hazards. AdvantaClean of Marietta has the supplies for identifying risks and enhancing safety.

Helpful Safety Supplies for Water Damage Restoration

  • Non-contact voltage detectors to identify current flowing through materials

  • Warning signs to help label slippery areas for easier identification

  • Penetrative moisture meters to detect water penetration in structural materials

Mitigating Water Damage

Minimizing the level of moisture contact in materials helps limit the damage extent. For example, quickly stopping the leak sources makes it less likely that you have to deal with buckling floorboards or delaminated carpets later on. AdvantaClean professionals also handle standing water by enhancing extraction or removing waterlogged materials. We have regular vacuum extractors and deep extraction tools, such as water claws or rovers, which help squeeze water from carpeted floors and other porous materials. 

Some valuables, like furniture and electronics, that you want to save from water damage also stand in the way of many restoration processes, such as cleaning and tearing down structural sections. It's a delicate balancing process since you must work quickly, create some room, and keep the items safe from further damage. AdvantaClean of Marietta sets aside resources to address these challenges. For instance, lifting straps and dollies help ease moving bulky furniture and appliances. We also have protective covers to shield valuables from water dripping from the ceiling. Portable storage provides a safe alternative if restoration procedures require cleaning rooms. 

Evaluating Structural Damages

After the water intrusion, you may notice material changes, including softening and swelling in wood or rust in metals. In case of extended moisture exposure, structural rot may have taken root. Identifying the affected areas and establishing the deterioration level ensures thorough repairs. Some indicators of structural damage include doors getting stuck because of warping frames or swelling floorboards. The floorboards may also form small ridges at the edge or center of the board, leaving the floor uneven. AdvantaClean crews take different actions to resolve structural changes triggered by water damage, including removing floorboards and sanding out cupped areas.

Apart from structural changes, your property may be affected by other issues that diminish comfort long after you complete water removal. Some likely problems include:

  • Mold 

  • Contamination

  • Unpleasant odors

A sound decontamination and deodorization plan helps weed out the problems at the source. Enhanced drying using air movers and dehumidifiers plays a significant prevention role. Applying biocides on wet surfaces such as the back of carpets after water removal suppresses microbial growth, which is responsible for mold growth and odors. Identifying whether smells are temporary is essential before taking action since temporary odors can dissipate independently without elaborate deodorization. Our AdvantaClean of Marietta crews place masking agents to conceal the odor before the source dissipates. If we determine the smells cannot go away independently, we use counteracting agents mixed with cleaning solutions. Misting or fogging is often an appropriate course of action. Call (470) 819-2077.

AdvantaClean of Marietta carries out all necessary steps to facilitate water damage restoration on your property.

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