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There is no doubt that waiting for the results of a professional mold inspection in Kennesaw is difficult. The desire for a fast fix from hired experts is understandable, but failing to complete a comprehensive assessment of all spaces in a property to find all the organism colonies before beginning mold remediation exposes your property to unacceptable risks. Coping with the odor and damage caused by an overgrowth of fungal organisms is distressing for residents and may interfere with operations for business owners. Health issues for occupants of the affected building are also a concern.

Why a Mold Inspection? 

AdvantaClean of Marietta follows the protocols of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) when conducting a Kennesaw mold inspection. Our workforce completes rigorous training and earns certification to manage the inspection phase, followed by other required remediation tasks. These organizations require an inspection for the following research-based reasons:

Infestation Potential Is Everywhere

  • Spores that act as the “seeds” for fungal growth are in every space of a building, including hidden areas in recesses and cavities.

  • All spores need to generate growth are oxygen and moisture; light is unnecessary, so colonies can be in numerous dark areas of a home or commercial space.

Mold Outbreaks Can Spread 

  • Leaks and other water sources fueling the spores often occur in inaccessible areas, going unnoticed until a musty smell signals a problem.

  • An apparent leak or puddle is the first sign of potential water migration. Technicians skilled in following the migration with detection devices can locate the hidden “waterway” and the second mold damage far from the initial moisture incursion. 

  • Moisture controls and leak repairs must occur once we discover the water and high-humidity sources. 

Best Practices Require Physical Removal

  • According to the EPA, the only way to halt mold from continuing to multiply and consume organic materials is to find and loosen each particle, bag it, and dispose of it off-premises per local regulations. 

  • Even a tiny quantity of leftover damp spores or debris will continue to reproduce, involving more areas of your building or doubling back to reinfest cleared surfaces.

Testing vs. Inspection

Although testing for the presence of mold is an option, it offers incomplete data. AdvantaClean of Marietta cannot rely upon air or random surface, or material testing alone. The species of microorganism causing the outbreak might be helpful to a healthcare practitioner treating an occupant for possible adverse effects of “black” mold. However, strategies used by our technicians vary a little, regardless of the kind of fungus. Because meeting the remediation standards of the EPA, IICRC, and NORMI depend on the mechanical clearing of the colonies, we must locate all of them first through a visual inspection. If the evidence points to spread into cavities, beneath, between, or over structures, we use controlled demolition techniques to take a look. When we find organisms in closed-in places, we take the least disruptive steps to gain access.   

Finding the Cause of the Mold

AdvantaClean of Marietta must use mold inspection to locate all the active colonies, guiding containment of the contaminants present and about to be disturbed during the scraping and brushing during mold removal. We wrap affected spaces and use negative air pressure to suction the airborne spores and debris through HEPA filters before exhausting them outside. 

If we miss colonies because of inadequate assessment, we expose our customers to the possibility of persistent fungal growth and damage. Count on our highly-qualified workers to provide remediation best practices, including exhaustive pre-project mold inspection and relentless microorganism removal, surface cleaning, and final disinfection with EPA-registered antimicrobial products. 

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