AdvantaClean Water Cleanup Services for Kennesaw, GA Property Owners

We respond to hundreds of water cleanup service requests every year. We understand the value of returning your home to its original condition, which is why we heavily invest in recovery equipment and products to help in this endeavor. You might have left a sink running in your kitchen or experienced the immense amount of water possible from a leaking appliance, which requires your trust to place your property in the hands of experienced recovery specialists of our AdvantaClean team.

Water damage in Kennesaw homes and businesses is a destructive disaster, especially when you are not sure how widespread and severe the situation has become. While any place in your home could experience water and flooding concerns, some rooms are more prone to this loss than others. It is important to understand how rapidly these problems can develop so you keep a plan in place to contact restoration professionals to help.

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Laundry Room

Cleaning Up the Kitchen 

Of all the rooms in your house, leaks and spills are common issues in the kitchen. Accidents are always possible, as we all know how easily you can walk away from running water for what only seems like a minute. You also likely are among many homeowners that do not regularly pull-out appliances like their refrigerator or dishwasher to check the fittings and hoses for wear and damage. The result could be a large volume of water on semi-porous flooring, and absorbent cabinetry should these connections fail.

No Rest in the Restroom

Water damage in your bathroom can be plentiful and unpredictable. From an overflowing bathtub waterfalling onto your floors or a toilet backing up, the approach for cleaning up damage in this room of your house varies considerably. Contamination adds another potential layer of action, but when not a threat, we can readily remove standing water with extractors and begin moisture control.

Laundry Room Washout

Did you know there are multiple ways that a washing machine can leak? Appliances like your water heater kept in a utility room or shared space with these units can also begin to leak or drain out on the floors. Our team must assess the salvageability of the flooring material affected and the most effective means of drying the space to make it usable again.

How AdvantaClean Manages Water Cleanup

As tempting as DIY restoration might be, what if you don’t get all the water out of the damaged area? Our AdvantaClean team provides thorough restoration services with effective cleanup and drying to ensure rooms aren’t missed, recovery steps happen properly, and preventative measures get taken to ward off microbial growth. 

  • Water Removal – Our professionals have powerful extraction and cleanup tools to clear surface water from sensitive flooring.

  • Mold Prevention – Mold is a considerable threat to your house and family. We treat surfaces with sporicidal agents to prevent growth and mold development. 

  • RepairsLeaks are only truly fixed if the broken pipes or fittings get replaced, and the utility can be repressurized and used again. We have skilled contractors on our team to help. 

  • Thorough Drying – Drying is a primary concern of all water restoration projects we begin, employing air movers, dehumidifiers, and portable heaters to help. 

AdvantaClean of Marietta has seen how water damage spreads through your home and affects what matters most. Dozens of causes can result in the quick movement of standing water in heavily used rooms of your house, so we must complete needed mitigation and recovery services to try and limit needed repairs and reconstruction. 

Water Damage Repairs 

Drying your house might not be all it needs. When structural damage results, what do you do? You count on AdvantaClean as you did for the water cleanup your property required. We have experienced and trusted contractors for controlled demolition, repairs, and build-back services to make your home a safe and inviting space.

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