Local Help for Kennesaw Storm Damage

Extreme weather seems on the rise throughout the US, unfortunately exposing your property in Kennesaw to storm damage risks. The situation can be dire if your home or business suffers from rainwater intrusion or flash flooding because of high winds and torrential precipitation. The disruption to your life and worry because of unexpected harm to building materials creates incredible feelings of stress. Understandably, the first restorer who reaches out to assist you during your time of need gets your full attention. Unfortunately, itinerant contracting operations that follow the storms might prey on your vulnerability in the hours and days after the disaster without delivering the desired and deserved results.

What Are the Consequences of Hiring Non-Locally?

Companies that move on quickly to the next extreme weather event can fail to focus on a quality restoration for your Kennesaw storm damage. When you realize the job was inadequately completed or unanticipated complications arise, the salesperson who initially contacted you and their workers are often long gone. Despite the post-storm panic you experience, it is crucial to take the time to partner with a reliable, reputable, local company like AdvantaClean. We are established in the Kennesaw community and here to offer top-notch restoration service during a crisis. Some damage, such as malodor that lingers, can take several attempts over a period of time to solve. We also are available for concerns and questions you have even years later. The relationship we build with our customers is enduring, and we hope to be of service for any challenge you face now or later.

What Makes AdvantaClean’s Services Stand Out?

Choosing from among Kennesaw storm damage recovery options requires understanding what it takes to be a disaster restoration industry leader. AdvantaClean invests in the experienced workforce and leading-edge training to assess every situation accurately, develop effective plans to mitigate and remediate the harm done and implement the best practices needed for successful outcomes. Expect the following when you call for emergency assistance:

● The physical location of technicians and needed equipment nearby your home or business, facilitating a quick response

● Phones answered 24/7

● Crews certified through rigorous coursework developed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

● Prompt scheduling of vital safety assessments and professional controls of hazardous conditions 

● Securing of exterior property damage, including tarping and board-up services

● Scalable provision of critical commercial-grade water removal and drying equipment to support the crews at your site

● Expert flood water removal, thorough cleaning, and disinfection with EPA-registered products, and applied structural drying to halt further structural breakdown and avoid secondary damage such as mold

● Clear communication and diligent follow-through that ensures your questions are answered, and work is done to meet or exceed industry standards and local regulation

Does Timely Storm Damage Cleanup Matter?

Water and flooding from storm damage in Kennesaw happen fast and are relentless. Most conventional building materials absorb water and contaminants and face rapid deterioration, making a speedy response critical to saving and restoring structural components rather than tear-outs and rebuilding. We commit to the timely evaluation of your site’s specific damage type and intensity, improving the odds that your home or business returns to its normal function, comfort, and appearance as soon as it is practical.

Contact AdvantaClean of Marietta with complete confidence when you need help resolving your property’s storm damage in Kennesaw. One call to (404) 474-8443 mobilizes highly skilled and well-equipped technicians to provide prompt and professional attention during the aftermath.

Contracting with AdvantaClean of Marietta offers the emergency services needed to restore Kennesaw storm damage. We live, shop, go to school, and work in the same area as our customers and commit to providing services and support with the utmost integrity and pride in our work product. Furthermore, choosing AdvantaClean facilitates a long-term relationship you can depend on if you suffer any disasters down the road.

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