Why Is Your Attic a Hotspot for Mold Growth? 

With mold development in your Kennesaw home, you cannot turn a blind eye to the problem. Colonies continue to grow and spread, incorporating more installed building materials in areas like the attic until they encroach on the living spaces below. The attic is a common area for mold development for several reasons. 

Causes for Attic Mold Development 

When considering mold remediation in your Kennesaw household, it is crucial to discover the root cause of development in the damaged attic space. Our AdvantaClean professionals work fast to inspect the roof, attic materials, and other factors for what can support the needed conditions for colonization and continued growth. Some of the common findings during this initial mold inspection include the following: 

  • Poor Ventilation 

As you might have seen mold growing in your laundry room or bathroom, improper ventilation for the possible steam and moisture development becomes a factor. Your attic needs to breathe, too. When you do not have the proper vents or these vents become clogged by nesting animals or insulation, moisture has nowhere to escape the attic space. 

  • Inadequate Insulation

The wrong type of insulation or improper installation traps moisture in the attic instead of allowing it out of the vents. As you know, moist environments are the primary requirement for mold development, so when the attic remains damp, exposed hosting materials like plywood and trusses become affected. 

  • Exhausting to the Attic 

Depending on how contractors set up specific systems in your residence, you could inadvertently introduce moist air into the attic space and fuel mold growth. For example, when dryer, bathroom, and plumbing vents do not make it outside the structure and instead release into the attic, this often humid air flow creates a favorable environment for mold growth. 

Resolving Mold Growth in Your Kennesaw Attic

Homeowners in our service area have allowed our AdvantaClean team to emerge as a mold remediation and recovery solutions leader. Our prompt arrival at your home following your phone call lets us start immediately on resolving the moisture concerns in the attic space that create an environment favorable to mold growth. With mold in a confined space in your house, attic drying is a complicated procedure involving several of our restoration machines, like high-velocity air movers, portable heaters, and dehumidification instrumentation. 

The mold damage cleanup process focuses first on the effect we can have on the surface mold with our cleaning products. We can clear mold with antimicrobial agents when you catch mold damage early enough. More difficult infestations that coat multiple surfaces might require sandblasting or dry ice blasting to eliminate more deeply rooted organisms. We continually assess the progress of remediation efforts to ensure we take the necessary steps to promptly address the present colonies.

Mold uses organic materials like the roof's underlayment and exposed trusses as a food source, which can lead to their need for replacement or repair. In addition, we must rebuild and correct unresolved vulnerabilities in your home's exterior envelope to prevent continued water penetration into a sensitive attic space. With licensed and certified contractors on the team, we can make this a crucial component of the comprehensive remediation services we provide your family. 

In areas like your attic, mold can be a slowly developing concern for your Kennesaw household. With several hazards and structural problems associated with its spread and infestation, prompt mold remediation services should be a priority. 


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