Inspection Is Critical for Efficient Mold Mitigation in Kennesaw

Whether you own or rent your Kennesaw property, problems occasionally diminish your comfort or other aspects of your occupancy - one such problem is mold contamination, which contributes to physical property degradation and indoor air quality issues, among other problems. Some of the complexities you might face when addressing such contamination are that mold spores occur naturally in the air - concentrations below 500 sp/m3 are typical. Therefore establishing control over factors that can lead to mold contamination is the right approach rather than focusing on mold removal. When AdvantaClean of Marietta performs a thorough mold inspection at your property, we can establish all factors that may encourage mold infestation.

When is a mold inspection necessary for Kennesaw Properties?

Although mold spores are omnipresent, they remain dormant unless the conditions in the house change triggering colony development. Therefore, mold inspection is not a task you can choose to do randomly. Otherwise, it might be a waste of time or resources. A professional service such as AdvantaClean of Marietta determines when a mold inspection is necessary for your property by considering the prevailing factors.

Situations that call for a mold inspection

  • When there is an imminent purchase or sale of a property

  • If you have noticed water intrusion from roof leaks, flooding, or burst pipes

  • When a property has remained unoccupied for extended periods

  • In case there were recent mold infestations

Inspections can involve many procedures depending on the situation that prompts the exercise. In cases where you do it as a precaution before a property sale, establishing the level of spore build-up and checking for musty smells or surface discoloration are the initial procedures determining whether additional action is necessary. Mold colonies hidden behind sinks or within floor, wall, or ceiling cavities emit a musty smell that spreads in specific rooms or the entire property. Someone walking in from outside readily notices stuffiness or musty smell. AdvantaClean of Marietta mold remediation technicians also look out for the physical signs that indicate hidden mold.

Tangible signs of mold include

  • Patches of white, black, green, or brown residues on surfaces

  • Masses of fuzzy, velvety, or slimy debris on surfaces

  • Discoloration and stains on surfaces and materials like carpets

Mold inspection is still ongoing after checking the open areas for signs of hidden mold. If the conditions within the cavities are conducive to microbial growth, colonies can appear shortly after the inspection. Identifying such signs can ensure a proactive mold mitigation approach that limits growth. However, inspecting the enclosed floor, wall, or ceiling cavities is challenging since opening them up is tiring and technical. AdvantaClean of Marietta has advanced equipment that eliminates or limits the need for demolition during an inspection. Technologies like thermal imaging help identify wetness concealed by wall or ceiling panels by comparing temperature differences. On the other hand, optical instruments allow scrutiny of narrow and difficult-to-reach areas through tiny openings identifying any hidden colonies. 

Inspecting for air-related problems

Although mold attacks physical materials, the issues precipitating the problem in your Kennesaw property may be airborne. Humid air and condensation are two main problems that may spike mold development within your home or other property. Inspecting a house for moisture retention in the air requires tools and physical observation. Our professionals use thermo-hygrometers which measure temperature and humidity levels inside and outside the property, thus establishing the relative humidity levels. Ideal RH conditions range from 30% to 50%, but if they rise above 60%, they can spark microbial growth in structural areas and contents. Various solutions can help address condensation and humidity build-up.

  • Check air circulation - condensation builds up if the ventilation systems in a building fail. AdvantaClean of Marietta sends professionals to inspect bathroom exhaust fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers, confirming proper installation and functionality.

  • Insulate cold surfaces - condensation can accumulate when hard surfaces are too cold. Insulating the surfaces reduces the temperature difference between surfaces and the surrounding air. Other solutions include double-glazed windows and weatherstripping.

  • Inspect ventilation systems - The ventilation system in a property includes many parts, including bathroom exhaust fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers. Ensuring all these are in good working condition helps with moisture control.

AdvantaClean of Marietta performs a comprehensive mold inspection identifying all visible contaminated areas. The evaluation also identifies vulnerable sections of your Kennesaw Home with hidden moisture or humidity accumulation. Call (470) 819-2077.

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