Fire Damage Restoration for Marietta and Kennesaw

Fire damage restoration can seem impossible when property owners see the aftermath of a blaze in Marietta. The smoke and soot drift everywhere, covering all surfaces with thick and unpleasant smelling residues. Water, used to extinguish the flames, does its damage, just as corrosive as the blackened coatings from the heat and combustion. Removal of water, debris, residues, and ash can return your home to pre-disaster condition through the efforts of trained and well-equipped technicians.

A fire damaged home is a water damaged home.

Both moisture and soot destroy building materials and fixtures, causing immediate deterioration that becomes more intense and widespread over time. Fire damage restoration in Marietta must include quick water clean-up. Fortunately, the AdvantaClean team responds 24/7, armed with drying equipment, and training paired with experience in water extraction. Water incursion warrants immediate attention because of the safety hazards it presents:

Slip, trip, and fall dangers

Chance of shock or electrocution

Potential for weakening or collapse of structures due to absorbed or trapped water

Secondary damage such as mold if spaces remain wet

Research-Based Strategies Important for Fire Damage Restoration

Our smoke and soot removal track record is just as impressive as our water repair and drying reputation. AdvantaClean Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) follow specific protocols developed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Otherwise, attempts to clear away the smoke and grime can cause additional harm. Failure to assess the characteristics of the smoke residues, commonly known as soot, interferes with the appropriate matching of cleaning products, tools, and techniques. Types of soot soiling and reliable interventions include the following:

Dry Soot

Caused by burning paper and wood, dry soot leaves a light, ashy coating. Restorers use dusters, chemical sponges, brushes, air pressure, and HEPA filter-equipped vacuums to loosen and contain the debris for disposal.

Wet Soot

Created when materials such as rubber, plastics, and textiles heat, melt, and ignite, wet soot can be thick and sticky. Effective removal approaches add cleaning products applied to dissolve or emulsify the sooty coatings, dislodging them and holding the particles in suspension for rinsing or wiping away.

Protein-Based Soot

Protein-based soot, composed of dehydrated foodstuffs and rancid fats or oils, is incredibly malodorous and forms a tightly attached film that can be nearly transparent and hard to see on structures, appliances, and furnishings. Breaking the bond between the soot and surfaces often requires the use of solvents and abrasive additives or tools.

Highly Trained in Fire Damage Restoration

Locating all surfaces in a Marietta home damaged by soot is best accomplished by professionals. Removing the residues without harm is a challenge requiring training and practice. In addition to IICRC coursework, our technicians learn how to balance the fundamentals of soot removal by working with more experienced AdvantaClean personnel. Effective cleaning requires finding the sometimes far-flung residues, identifying their type, evaluating the characteristics and durability of affected surfaces, and capturing and disposing of the soot. Then our technicians mindfully adapt the below strategies proven to release the residues to accomplish fire damage restoration:

Increasing temperature to speed the chemical reactions cleaning products leverage to break up soot

Agitating the soiled surface with tools, pressure (scrubbing or air/water streams), or vibrations (ultrasonic machines) to distribute the cleaning solution and mechanically remove the soot

Depending on chemical reactions to detach soot from surfaces, assisted by cleaning additives that change the pH or encourage dissolving, oxidizing, emulsifying, digesting (enzymatic products), or bleaching

Manipulating the dwell time of cleaning solutions applied to improve results

The training and dedicated work of AdvantaClean delivers successful fire damage restoration outcomes in Marietta and Kennesaw properties. Our emphasis on technician training and investment in highly-effective cleaning agents and top-of-the-line equipment support our team members in returning your ravaged home to its previous function, appearance, and comfort.AdvantaClean of Marietta is ready for disaster recovery with experienced technicians, innovative cleaning and deodorizing products, and fleets of fully-stocked service vehicles. Call (404) 474-8443 for more fire damage restoration for Marietta and Kennesaw.

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