AdvantaClean Offers Rapid Mold Cleanup

Residential mold is one of the more challenging situations that homes face, and when these organisms exist in your house, it can put your family, pets, and possessions at risk. AdvantaClean of Marietta provides fast and reliable remediation services, including black mold removal, to get life back to normal for you and your household.

Why Is Mold Development a Threat? 

It can be easy not to have all the right information about black mold removal in your Marietta home. Are you one of the homeowners who believe that mold is an inevitable part of life? Do you think mold growth will correct itself and the colonies dissipate without much damage? The truth about mold is that with hundreds of potential residential microbial threats, each could have a different impact on your house and your family. Ignoring the problem does not solve it but allows these microbes and spores to continue growing and spreading through your home and cause greater harm and issues.

  • Mold destroys building materials in your home

  • Black mold can create a toxic environment for your family

  • Mold can leave strong smells to overcome

  • Mold growth points to persistent moisture damage

Who Is Qualified for Mold Removal?

No one understands your home as you do, but that is not enough to make you a qualified or recommended choice for removing mold and mildew. This is possible when the damage does not exceed ten square feet, but that might be a rarity when you have a rapidly developing microbial threat in your house. AdvantaClean is preferred with our roster of experienced remediation experts, contractors, and customer-driven management. 

What Mold Remediation Does AdvantaClean Perform?

Much like all forms of restoration and cleanup, no one set action will complete the process and get your house back to normal. Our experienced AMRT-Certified professionals check multiple boxes in repair and cleanup, including measures needed to prevent recurrences. AdvantaClean of Marietta helps Marietta homes in direct ways after fire damage, including:

  • Mold Inspection

While common steps make up the entire remediation process, our AdvantaClean team's initial efforts help narrow needed actions and document loss in your residence. Inspection can be one of the terms used to describe the entire assessment process and job scope, and the findings and data of our team leaders get used to create a detailed restoration plan with remediation techniques, deodorization, content recovery, and drying.

  • Black Mold Removal 

We have several strategies for removing mold with the potential to release mycotoxins and create volatile environments. Not only is HEPA filtration an important step, but we can introduce powerful cleaning agents, media blasting, and other mold removal techniques to manage active colonization.

  • Water Damage Cleanup

Water plays a significant part in how mold can form in your home. While a spill does not immediately become mold damage, unmanaged moisture threats can result in microbial growth. Effectively completing remediation means also drying building materials and regulating the room's relative humidity. Wet spaces in the house might have been one of the earliest signs you noticed about the potential cleanup and remediation needs.

  • Repairs and Build-Back

We are committed to being the only company you need, from the first steps of remediation and cleanup to the repairs and reconstruction your house might need. We reinstall building materials removed to eliminate black mold and can complete repairs required of the plumbing system or structure to avoid continued moisture damage.

Mold, mildew, and fungus can make life difficult in your house. You cannot and should not try to work around this threat to your property and let our experienced AdvantaClean of Marietta team help you with your black mold removal needs. A call to (470) 819-2077 can get our team moving fast from our facility at Marietta, so you don't have to wait a minute more than you should to resolve this mold situation.

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