Why Clean Air Ducts

Many Marietta homeowners believe proper HVAC care and maintenance is changing the filter as often as a unit’s manual recommends, but this is only part of preserving the life and strength of your air conditioner and furnace. The condition of ducts correlates to the effectiveness of the HVAC system, indoor air quality, and circulating allergens or contaminants. It could be time to think about air duct cleaning services provided by our AdvantaClean of Marietta team.

Air duct cleaning for Marietta homes is more necessary than many property owners believe. Because pounds of dust and debris are generated every year in your house, these particulates continually circulate through the system. Over time, a buildup of dander, dust, allergens, and even mold can occur on the walls of air ducts connecting all of the rooms in the house back to the central conditioning unit. Failing to address duct issues and buildup is the same as wearing gloves with holes in them – they continue to mostly work, but not without some noticeable problems.

What Is Duct Cleaning?

The term describes the measures taken to remove a buildup of dust, dirt, and contaminants within the duct network connected to the HVAC unit. Initial borescope inspections show where buildup exists, and specialty cleaning tools and instruments can dislodge and extract it.

Can you Clean Your Air Ducts Yourself?

Everyone likes to save money, even if it means a little elbow grease. However, ducts and the HVAC unit require special tools and approaches to fully clean. Depending on specific conditions and contaminants, it might even be unsafe for unskilled or unlicensed individuals to attempt. AdvantaClean offers reasonable price points to alleviate the stresses of out-of-pocket duct servicing.

When to Clean Air Ducts

Based on the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) findings, homeowners should be getting service at 3–5-year intervals. Environmental factors could contribute to a faster timeline than this, such as mold growth. However, some homes might not need air duct cleaning even after five years. The determination is made based on gathered data from camera inspections.

Benefits of Newly Cleaned Ducts

Cleaning out buildup from the ducts helps the unit run at its optimal efficiency and limits the required load on the mechanical components.

Because buildup can consist of dander, allergens, mold, contaminants, and dust mites, these circulating threats greatly compromise indoor air quality. Cleaning the system reduces circulating particulates.

With less dust being circulated and blown through vents in the system, you have less cleaning to keep these surfaces clear of residues and heaping dust.

How Can AdvantaClean Help?

We want to help you have the best indoor air quality possible. You can breathe easy knowing that the work is performed by experienced professionals accredited through NADCA. We have efficient tools and strategies, including covering furniture and contents during duct cleaning, to make the process faster, cleaner, and safer.

Honest Inspections for Homeowners

We choose honesty and transparency with all of our services, so customers are not uneasy about the actions we recommend. We are happy to report to you when our inspection determines no further action is needed, because that means your family is getting ideal indoor air quality. We show you the problems we found and the best possible responses when necessary.

Working with Your Schedule

We know that you do not have entire days of your life to devote to waiting on a professional to show up at your house in Marietta for air duct cleaning. We work around busy schedules to find the time that works for you, even outside our normal operating hours. Before our experts arrive, property owners can estimate expected costs by using our proprietary air vent cleaning calculator.

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