Air Ducts Need Cleaning If You Use Your Heater or AC Unit

Your Kennesaw home’s HVAC system does more than just work to keep temperatures and environmental conditions comfortable for the household. The unit and its connected ductwork regulate air quality and distribute the cleanest possible breathing air for the residents. Indoor air quality (IAQ) alone should have you consider your ducts' condition for some investigation. When needed, air duct cleaning for Kennesaw properties ensures that your HVAC system can maintain the highest level of IAQ. AdvantaClean of Marietta performs fast and thorough duct cleaning to help your home and save you money.

Possible Signs That Air Ducts Need Cleaning 

When air duct cleaning is necessary, it impacts your Kennesaw home more than you realize. A clogged filter can get easily remedied, but it can affect all connected rooms by recirculating dust and debris during its operation. Similarly, buildup on the walls of ducts throttles the system's abilities and recirculates unhealthy or hazardous particulates. Signs that it might be time for duct cleaning include: 

● Abnormally Frequent Dust – The air inside your home circulates multiple times a day. If the system features considerable dust buildup, these particles are blown onto horizontal surfaces and can require frequent upkeep.

● Respiratory Concerns – Continually distributing dander, allergens, and irritants throughout a residence can agitate existing respiratory issues or create new concerns.

● Increased Allergies and Reactions – Concentrations of allergens or even mycotoxins from rare mold development can impact those served by a dirty HVAC system.

● Higher Heating and Cooling Costs – The throttling of air movement forces an HVAC unit to work under a higher load and use more power to produce the same results.

● Mold or Mildew near the HVAC Unit – If you suspect mold in or around the unit, you may want to get it looked at but also seek mold removal services.

Dirty Air Ducts Restrict Airflow

Throttling of airflow is a challenge for your residence for several reasons. Not only is this making your system work harder to keep you comfortable, even at more significant energy expenditure, but you are also continually stirring up a combination of contaminants, particles, and debris throughout the household like: 

● Dust

● Dirt

● Dander

● Allergens

● Odors

● Germs

● Mold / Spores

Maintaining Clean Air Ducts for Kennesaw Homes

While duct cleaning can seem like a large undertaking, properly caring for your heat and air conditioning system can often reduce the frequency when more extensive cleaning services are needed. The upkeep involves maintaining the unit, the condition of gratings and vents, and preventing pulling in dirty air from outside. You can help with:

● Routine Filter Exchanges

● Scheduled Inspections

● Keeping Vents Clear

Professional Air Duct Inspection in Kennesaw

It may be easy to look at crews like ours and assume that no matter what we actually see in your air ducts and HVAC system, we are going to recommend servicing. However, we are not in the business of pushing cleaning or services that your home doesn't need. Using borescope cameras, we can inspect the entire layout of your HVAC system and connected ducts for debris buildup, and if found, we can show you what we see and help you determine your options.

Cleaning Out Buildup

Using tools like whips and drill-powered brushes, we can dislodge buildup on the sides of ducts. Loose debris is easily pulled to the nearest vents using high-powered vacuums. We keep nearby surfaces covered and protected from circulating particulates, though most are drawn into the HEPA filter to trap debris.

Advantages of Air Duct Cleaning

No Kennesaw – Marietta homeowner should pay for cleaning without a benefit to the house or their wellbeing. When our inspection shows a need for servicing, here is what that ultimately means for your household:

● Less Cleaning

● Better Indoor Air Quality

● More Efficient Heating and Cooling

● Longer Lifespan of Equipment

For air duct cleaning for Kennesaw homes, AdvantaClean of Marietta follows NADCA standards and uses minimally invasive solutions to help. We are dedicated to helping you breathe a little easier, save money, and protect your HVAC system. 

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