Expert Kennesaw Water Damage Restoration 

When plumbing leaks or outside events such as wind and rain cause fluids to accumulate and spread within your home or business, you must hire a high-quality Kennesaw water damage restoration contractor for help. Rapid water removal and structural drying must occur immediately to achieve the best outcomes. Property owners who try to manage the damage from broken pipes, leaking roofs, or malfunctioning appliances on their own swiftly realize the tasks are complicated and require specialized equipment. Without training and operating solo, the project is impossible to complete quickly. When the delay of mitigation and remediation efforts extends beyond 24 to 48 hours, mold growth is likely, and building materials and contents can be permanently damaged, requiring the removal of structures and expensive rehabilitation efforts. AdvantaClean crews provide assistance to each of our customers scaled to their individualized needs, with help reaching your home or commercial building within minutes to just a few hours to get the assessment and restoration process moving.

AdvantaClean Offers Local Water Damage Restoration

AdvantaClean of Marietta is located just southwest of the city of Kennesaw and can quickly dispatch the workforce and equipment to your property. We are committed to serving the communities in our area. AdvantaClean maintains a staff of technicians trained through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and an extensive inventory of cutting-edge equipment, tools, and products that facilitate water damage restoration in Kennesaw. Expect a thorough safety assessment and concurrent institution of controls, evaluating your property for:

● Electrical and other utility line hazards, using temporary shut-offs or barricade placement keeping occupants and workers away from harm

● Trapped fluids that threaten the collapse of structures and deterioration of building materials, using controlled demolition strategies like weep or drainage holes, or flood cuts to permit the drainage needed to halt the harm

● Pooling of rain or the contents of appliances systems, such as a ruptured water heater or plugged AC drainage, or outward-bound sewage pipes, increase the exposure to contaminants, requiring containment and disinfection strategies to prevent any spread of dangerous water-borne organisms 

Water Mitigation Followed by Remediation

AdvantaClean focuses first on stopping the damage caused by unexpected floods and leaks, known in the industry as water mitigation. Then our crews turn to clean up the aftermath, known as remediation, the second step toward water damage restoration. The recovery efforts at this point include:

● Removal of the water utilizing submersible pumps and either or both truck-mounted and portable high-efficiency extractors

● Addressing wet carpeting with expert in-place drying using wanding sometimes with weighted machinery

● Using negative pressure or heated air systems to dry out multi-layered hardwood floors or walls concealing damp interior spaces 

● Diligent mapping of water migration using moisture detection and metering tools, informing strategies to release fluids or suction hidden wet building cavities

● Removing some irredeemably wet materials, including insulation and carpet padding

● Cleaning soiled surfaces and applying EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit secondary issues like mold growth and odors 

● Establishing structural drying goals using the metering data gathered above and then designing applied drying configurations using air movement, temperature adjustments, and dehumidifying resources 

● Implementing and monitoring the drying plan until the building materials reach normal moisture levels, ready for further restorative actions

Restoring the Aftereffects of the Indoor Flooding

Once AdvantaClean stabilizes and secures your premises, and after water mitigation and remediation concludes, we will work with you to complete Kennesaw water damage restoration. AdvantaClean helps arrange for tasks such as:

● Sanding and refinishing woodwork and floors

● Resetting tile floors

● Replacing laminate flooring (very difficult or impossible to restore) 

● Painting or touching up walls

● Replacing insulation and padding 

● Cleaning and drying personal possessions 

AdvantaClean of Marietta obtains best practices IICRC training for technicians and supports our skilled crews with cutting-edge water damage restoration equipment for Kennesaw properties. Learn how our commitment to following the best water mitigation and remediation preparation benefits your home recovery by calling (404) 474-8443.

Partner with the AdvantaClean team to minimize stress and disruption during water damage restoration in Kennesaw. Our nearby production facility ensures a rapid response from highly-trained water mitigation and remediation technicians who deliver excellent service with skill and compassion. 

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