Air Duct Cleaning Keeps Things Cool

It might be surprising for you to realize that air duct cleaning in Marietta is vital to properly operating air conditioning. Property owners rely on cooling equipment to provide homes or businesses with a clean, refreshing atmosphere. However, it can be easy to ignore necessary AC maintenance until there is a problem because central air hides unseen behind walls within the depths of your HVAC system. Out of sight cannot be out of mind if you want the equipment to deliver optimal cooling power at the most reasonable cost. Ductwork cleaning ensures professionals assess the condition and current working status of cooling components, focusing on interventions that clear away the dust and grime that interfere with high-efficiency operation. 

Cleaning Coils Does Improve AC Operation

What are the consequences of failing to attend to dirty air conditioning coils in your Marietta air ducts? Cleaning might seem like a low-tech method, but the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)-trained and certified professionals at AdvantaClean assure you that periodic inspection and cleaning of ventilation passages are the foundation for AC efficiency and performance. 

Dirt Affects Condenser Coils

Typically made of copper and filled with a refrigerant, coils await a flow of humid, warm air passing over to “condense” the moisture out, much like a glass filled with a cold beverage develops a coating of water drops on a summer day. The condensation creates a heat exchange, removing the sticky hotness of the flow directed over the coils and returning cooled “conditioned” air into your building. When excess dust and dirt in an HVAC system build up on the coils, they act like a blanket, insulating the cold refrigerant inside the metal piping. As the crust of debris on the coils increases, they no longer effectively pull the moisture out of the hot air. Because the humidity and heat of the air in the ducts remain high due to poor heat transfer results, the sensors in the system do not cycle the AC off, causing the equipment to work constantly, unfortunately with ever-worsening outcomes.

Energy Costs Rise with Dirty HVAC Systems

If property owners delay Marietta air duct cleaning, the system works more and does less. Research by the US Department of Energy (DOE) suggests that HVAC systems consume up to 60 percent of the energy used in properties in the United States. Dirty AC coils bump up energy use by about a third compared with systems cleaned and maintained regularly. AdvantaClean technicians inspect your HVAC system for accumulated residues and create a plan to loosen and then suction out the dirt and dust impeding the cooling equipment from doing its job efficiently. Scheduling an air duct cleaning in Marietta will save money due to lowered energy requirements. Also, remember that filthy AC coils are likely to fail entirely much sooner than appropriately cleaned components. Avoid replacing the coils or the entire unit sooner than you expected or budgeted by inviting AdvantaClean to clear your ductwork of excess residues.

Many factors can increase the soiling of an HVAC system more quickly than anticipated. The NADCA recommends that Marietta air duct cleaning occur every four to seven years. AdvantaClean of Marietta is prepared to assist with that protocol. Still, we also urge residents and commercial building owners to consult us whenever your AC does not seem to keep up with local conditions. You can trust us to investigate cooling issues without high-pressure tactics for unneeded cleanings. We are proud of our skills and integrity and value a long-term and mutually respectful relationship with you and all of our customers.  

Count on AdvantaClean of Marietta to provide an accurate evaluation of the operation of AC systems and to deliver essential air duct cleaning services to optimize their cooling effect. Call (404) 474-8443 to schedule an assessment and discuss the options available for your residential or commercial properties.

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