Water damage wreaks havoc when it infiltrates homes or buildings, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Despite water being a daily necessity, its confinement to controlled spaces is crucial. When it breaches these boundaries within structures, disaster looms. But what triggers this chaos? Delve into our article below as we unravel the primary culprit behind water damage. 


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Plumbing Events Can Be Problematic

One of the leading causes of water damage in a building is a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe. When this happens, pressurized water is allowed to leak into the building at an alarming rate, and the damage can quickly add up. Getting the source of the water shut off as soon as possible is important, but there is still sure to be some damage that has already been done along the way.


The Power of Mother Nature

Another common issue that can lead to water damage in a home or commercial building is a weather-related event like a flood. If a building is located near a body of water and the water rises much higher than usual due to the weather conditions, the building could wind up with a serious water problem. Even if it’s only the basement level that suffers water damage, the repairs if not addressed immediately could take more time and be rather costly to complete.


An Issue with the Roof

In many ways, the roof of a building is the first line of defense against water intrusion. Rain and snow, of course, are potential problems, so the roof needs to be up to the challenge. If it’s not, you might wind up dealing with problems in your attic that lead to mold and potential structural concerns. The condition of a building’s roof should be checked regularly, and any needed repairs should be completed as soon as possible.


Appliance Failure

Although perhaps less likely than some of the other events listed above, an appliance running into a significant failure could also lead to water damage in a building. For example, if the dishwasher develops a leak and starts to leak water, that might occur behind the appliance and not in an area that can be seen – and the damage could become extensive before you know that something is wrong. More dramatically, hot water heaters can fail and suddenly spill a large volume of water into a basement or another area of the building.


Water damage restoration is a big job and not a good DIY project. Instead, for this type of work, you want a team of professionals with the experience and equipment to do it right. Take a moment to contact AdvantaClean today and get started on this important project right away.


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