If you’ve ever lived in an older home with an attic, you’re probably aware of the risks that come along with moisture problems and mold issues. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not fully aware of the risks associated with these issues. However, once you know about them, it’s easy to see why good attic ventilation is so important for your health and safety. Here are some reasons you need good attic ventilation to keep your home safe and comfortable.


Lower Utility Bills and Fewer Mold Issues

Improper ventilation may increase the chances of mold issues. The mold itself can lead to extensive damage and health concerns if left long-term. With a good ventilation system in place, moisture that would otherwise builds up in your attic is removed, and utility bills can be kept down.


If you suffer from mold issues or an ongoing moisture problem, talk to AdvantaClean about upgrading your ventilation system. The investment will pay off quickly and can help you breathe easier.


With proper ventilation, attics will stay cooler in summer. Your HVAC system will work less to regulate temperature, leading to lower energy bills.


Reduce Moisture Problems

Mold issues and moisture can lead to many problems, including dry eyes, headaches, throat irritation, and wheezing. These symptoms don’t always point directly to mold as a cause—so get your attic checked before spending more money on an HVAC upgrade.


Mold can damage structural supports and insulation, leading to even more issues, including reduced energy efficiency. Moisture often gets trapped inside homes in attics and basements because they are not built for airflow. Make sure yours has an adequate ventilation system, so you don’t face these problems down the road.


Increase Roof Lifespan

Improper ventilation can cause issues with your roof and cause it to wear down faster than it would otherwise. In some cases, too little ventilation can even make your attic a breeding ground for mold and other allergens.

Insufficient attic ventilation can also cause moisture problems and increase your chances of getting water in your attic. Moisture is one of the main reasons why old homes develop mold in their attics, so adding a ventilation system can not only prolong your roof’s lifespan but also help prevent future damage to your roof.


Properly Diagnose Mold Issues

It can be difficult to diagnose mold issues, which is why you should hire AdvantaClean. They can locate moisture and inspect for signs of damage, such as a musty smell or visible mold in your home. If you have these symptoms and have already had your attic ventilated but still have problems, it’s time to call a name you can count on, AdvantaClean—they’ll know what to do next.

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