For some homeowners, doing small projects and handy-man work is a point of pride, but does “Mold Removal” count as a good DIY project? It's admirable that many people are determined to do their own home or business maintenance, but it isn’t the best approach when dealing with mold. For the reasons we will outline below, it’s better to bring in an experienced team to handle such a serious situation in your house.

And speaking of experienced teams: this post is brought to you by our team in North Carolina.   We at AdvantaClean of the Piedmont have tackled countless projects all over the state helping homeowners and businesses resolve mold problems, and in our hometown we have completed thousands of Greensboro mold removal projects over the years. So we are going to give you our top reasons mold remediation is not a good DIY project. 

Too Many Risks

Simply put, it is too risky to take on mold removal on your own. For starters, you don’t know what you are getting into when you begin the project, so you may find that there is a lot more mold in your home than expected once the job begins. What you thought was a small area of mold growth could turn into a huge area of hidden mold. 

Another risk that you’ll face when taking the DIY approach is spreading the mold spores throughout your home. Once you disturb the area where the mold is growing, you may cause spores to become airborne and spread throughout the house. This is a common problem when homeowners do this type of work, since homeowners and business owners aren’t usually familiar with the proper techniques to minimize this dangerous side effect of mold remediation. 

One of the worst things that can happen when removing mold is to have some mold that is missed and left behind. When the job is done, you want to be sure that all the mold is gone, and you don’t have to worry about a small patch remaining and spreading even further throughout the home. Homeowners who do their own mold removal are likely to miss spots, simply because they don’t have the experience needed to know where to look and how to find every last bit of mold growth.

The Right Equipment

Professional mold removal teams have another huge advantage over those trying to do DIY work, and that is proper professional-grade equipment. Even if knowledge and experience weren’t big advantages – which they are – the benefit of using the right equipment alone would make it far easier for professional teams to do quality work. The average homeowner simply doesn’t have access to the kinds of machines that can make restoration work possible. Some of the gear likely to be put into use on a job like this includes dehumidifiers, air filters, protective equipment, and more.

Identifying the Threat Correctly

Is the mold that is growing in your home a black mold, or one of the thousands of other types that exist in nature? Without extensive training and years of experience, you’ll have a harder time identifying which type of mold you have in your home or business. Yet another reason to avoid doing mold removal on your own is the keen eye that professionals like AdvantaClean can bring to the situation. Our team will accurately evaluate the threat that the mold presents before creating a plan and solving the problem.

If after reading this, you decide that your suspected mold issues needs our help, we make it easy for you to get in touch with us and schedule a complimentary mold inspection in Greensboro. Contact us using the phone number on this page or click here to schedule a mold inspection.

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