Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. Not only will you likely lose some of your possessions with part of your house filling with water, but there will be lingering effects that could pose challenges in the months and even years ahead. Mold is one such concern, so let’s take a look in this article at how that problem can be addressed successfully.


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The First Steps

Before any remediation work can begin, the first thing that needs to be done is to remove all of the water – and sources of water – from the affected area. So, for example, if a pipe has burst, that pipe will need to be properly repaired to prevent further water from entering the space. You don’t want to work on mold issues while there is still a source of moisture, as you’ll be fighting a losing battle.


The example of a burst pipe is an obvious one, but often mold stems from water damage that is coming from subtle sources. It could simply be humidity in a basement that builds up over time, leading to condensation on surfaces and the development of mold. Work with a professional like AdvantaClean to figure out exactly where the moisture is coming from and how to stop it.


A Thorough Review

With any ongoing water problems corrected, you can turn your attention to dealing with the mold that exists in the area. Again, professional mold remediation is the way to go here, as the professionals will have equipment and knowledge that you don’t possess. Some items may need to be thrown away if they feature too much mold damage, while other things could be saved with a bit of work.


In the end, the important thing is that all mold that is present in the space is removed one way or another. You don’t want to leave any mold behind, as that will serve as a starting point for future mold growth, even if only modest levels of moisture are around. This is a case of doing the job right the first time to avoid needing to go back and do it again.


Act Quickly on Mold issues

If you don’t yet have problems with mold but you are concerned that such issues could be around the corner, the best thing you can do is act quickly to cut this problem off before it accelerates. With professionals like AdvantaClean on your side, and with an early start after the water damage event, you might be able to achieve a better outcome than what you are expecting. Get in touch with the AdvantaClean team today to learn more.


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