Removing mold from a building is a notoriously difficult task. Once mold has started to grow, it can spread quickly and can do harm to both the structure and the health of the people who spend time within it. Professional Greensboro mold removal is the only way to gain control over this problem, and this article will highlight the techniques used by the pros to get great results.


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It Starts with a Careful Inspection

Professional mold removal work is not going to begin until a thorough inspection has been performed. That inspection is at the heart of what the contractor is going to do for you, as it will reveal the extent of the problem and the types of damage that have been done as the mold has spread throughout the building.


More than just looking for signs of mold, a professional will also use advanced equipment to do testing and imaging to figure out where the problem areas are and what work will need to be done to remove all of the mold. It's also at this time that a quote will typically be given for removing the mold from the building.


A Multi-Step Process

With a situation as serious as widespread mold growth, a single tactic or technique is not going to do the trick. Instead, professionals will use a range of techniques to get great results for their clients. Typically, a HEPA filter will be used to clean up the air in the space, which is vital to avoid the regrowth of mold after the work is done.


With the air filter working, a professional team is going to carefully isolate the area that is affected by mold to prevent the problem from spreading further. Those isolated areas will be sprayed with a formula that is specifically designed to deal with mold, and everything will be wiped down. It’s also common to use an antimicrobial product in the closing stages of the cleaning process to reduce the chances of any growth coming back in the near future.


Every Project is Unique

While there is a general process for removing mold, as highlighted above, it’s important to note that every project is different, and a good mold contractor will customize their approach to the circumstances at hand. For example, sometimes simply cleaning mold off of surfaces is going to be enough to do the job, while other occasions will require some demolition and rebuilding of affected areas to get rid of all of the mold.


The best thing you can do is have the right partner on your side for this project, and that means calling AdvantaClean today to get started. As an experienced, professional team, AdvantaClean will always deliver the results you deserve, and you’ll be treated fairly every step along the way.


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