If your home has been damaged by a fire, you already know just how dramatic this event can be. It’s scary, of course, and the first priority in such a situation is of course to get everyone out safely. In the aftermath, however, you’ll start to think about fire damage repair and how you can get your life back to normal. This article will cover some of the basics of this important topic.


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Resolve the Emergency

It might go without saying, but the first important step in repairing fire damage is making sure the fire is completely out and the threat has been eliminated. Most likely, this is work that will be done by the fire department when they respond to the event. Never rush back into a building that was on fire – even if you think the fire is out – because the situation could still be very dangerous. Be patient and wait until you are given the all-clear to return and see what damage has been done.


A Professional Assessment

When you are allowed back in the building, you will be able to tell what items have been lost to the fire and what things may have survived. However, without experience in this field, it will be hard for you to make a proper, official assessment of the damage. That kind of work needs to be done by a team like the one at AdvantaClean. Not only is a professional assessment needed to make sure the repair work is done properly, but it’s also essential for the success of your insurance claim.


Thoroughly Dry and Clean

One of the repair steps that surprises many people is the need to dry the scene of the fire before going any further. You don’t think of a fire as being wet, of course, but the volume of water that was likely applied to put out the fire means that everything in the area will be soaked. Getting that part of the building dried up with proper equipment is important to avoid water damage from adding to the problems that need to be solved.


With the space dried out, the cleanup work can finally begin. This will likely mean throwing away some things that have been too badly damaged to be saved. Anything that can be salvaged will be treated with advanced technologies to eliminate the smoke odor that is likely clinging to each item.


Getting Back to Normal

It’s likely that the cleanup work will take quite a bit of time, depending on the size of the fire and the types of items that were damaged. When that stage is finished, repair work can get started to bring the building back to its previous condition. To get the ball moving on all of these steps, reach out to AdvantaClean right away for assistance. 


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