The Guilford Courthouse National Park encompasses the core of the battlefield where the armies of General Nathanael Greene and General Charles Cornwallis met in 1781 as one of the major battles of the Revolutionary War. This historic site is located at 2332 New Garden Road in Greensboro, North Carolina. Read More

For visitors who want to make a stop, the Guilford Courthouse National Park is open between 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day, except for major holidays. The Visitor Center will only be open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. There are no entrance fees for visitors to come and check out the national park and learn more about the unique history of the southern campaigns during the Revolutionary War.

Explore the Battle of Guilford Courthouse

The Guilford Courthouse National Park is a commemoration of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. This is a key part of the Revolutionary War and provides a great place for visitors to learn a bit of history. Whether you plan to seek out some of the footsteps of soldiers of many years ago or they would like to take a walk through the nearby forest, the park will offer many opportunities for everyone. The national park provides a variety of activities designed for families, individuals, adults, and youth.

Start your tour at the Visitor Center. You can get a map of the battlefield and learn some of the facts about this pivotal battle. Park rangers and other volunteers will be present to answer your questions and guide you on how to get the most out of your visit.

Walking and Driving Tours

Visitors are able to choose between a walking or a driving tour. With the walking tour, you will be able to walk the inner trails of that battlefield and visualize the battle. This walking tour starts out at Hoskins Farm and provides a 1.75 mile walk, including 38 minutes of audio. It is estimated this one will take about 90 minutes to finish.

Some of the stops visitors can enjoy on this tour includes:

• An introduction to the campaign

• The Armies Arrive

• First Line of Battle

• Second Line Center

• Second Line Left

• The Separate Fight

• Third Line- British Approach

• Third Line – Climax

There is also the option for a driving tour. This one is a little longer, taking about 2.5 miles with 42 minutes of audio. This tour is just an hour long and will have many of the same stops as the walking tour.

Visitors will also be able to do a Hoskins Farm Walking Tour. The Hoskins couple purchased a 150-acre farmstead in 1778, during the third year of the war. This tour will allow you to explore the experience of the couple and how it connects to the battle. You will start at the Hoskins Farm parking area and take a ¼ mile tour through the home, the kitchen, and the barn.

Guilford Courthouse National Park is the wonderful place for history buffs and lovers of America alike. With so much history available and beautiful scenery at the same time, this is a great place to spend your time. Visit Guilford Courthouse National Park located at 2332 New Garden Road in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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