In addition to the health concerns that come along with discovering mold in a home, many homeowners also worry about the expense of having this issue cleaned up. Is mold removal in Greensboro covered by insurance? That’s the question that we will address in this article.


Whether or not it turns out to be covered by insurance, a Greensboro mold removal project is going to need to be undertaken either way if you have mold. For that, call on AdvantaClean to deliver outstanding results in a timely manner. We always treat our customers fairly and offer excellent rates on our professional services.


It’s Not a Simple Answer

It would be great if we could give you a simple, straightforward answer about whether or not mold damage that you find in your home is going to be covered by insurance. That’s not the reality of the situation, however. In some cases, mold damage and the work required to fix it will be covered, but that’s not always going to be the case. As with many things in the insurance world, the answer is going to depend on the circumstances that surround the damage and your policy.


The Concept of a Covered Peril

Most likely, the issue of mold damage specifically isn’t going to be covered in your policy, because mold damage is actually an after-effect of other issues. So, determining whether mold problems will be covered comes down to figuring out what caused the mold to grow and whether that issue was covered by your policy.


In insurance speak, these are known as covered perils. They are the things that are covered by your policy, and any damage that results from such events will be covered as a result. The situation will need to be reviewed and the cause of the mold will be compared to what is covered within your policy’s details.


An Example of a Mold Insurance Claim

To make this clearer, we can go through a simple example of two different ways mold could wind up growing in a basement. On the one hand, you might have a failure of your water heater that causes a flood in the basement. When that happens, everything will be soaked, and there is a good chance mold will follow. Such a peril is likely covered by your insurance policy, so the mold remediation work should be paid for, as well.


It’s a different story if the mold grows because of negligence. Let’s say some plumbing regularly leaks in the basement. In time, that moisture could lead to mold growth, and that issue would not be covered. A slow plumbing leak is avoidable and likely not a covered peril, so the insurance policy isn’t likely going to come to the rescue in that case.


The Sooner the Better

Mold removal isn’t the kind of thing that can wait. This is a job that needs to be completed as soon as possible for the health of everyone that spends time in the affected building, and for the protection of the building itself. Reach out to AdvantaClean today to learn more.


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