Basements are a common area for mold to grow. This is simply because many basements have the perfect blend of conditions to allow mold to develop – plenty of moisture and an absence of light. Since you might not go into the basement very often, you may not notice an area of mold growth until it has gotten quite large and has started to impact the health of those living in the home.


If you think there might be mold in your basement but want to be sure before taking further action, a High Point mold inspection should be performed by the team at AdvantaClean. The results of this inspection will allow you to make your next moves with confidence.


Pay Attention to Symptoms

When you aren’t aware that mold is growing in your basement, you’ll be likely to blame health issues on other factors. Often, the symptoms that come up when there is mold in your home will be similar to those of the common cold – except they won’t clear up after a few days. If you or others in your home have been dealing with ongoing problems like congestion, sore throat, coughing, and more, it’s possible that mold in the basement is actually to blame.


While persistent cold-like symptoms are no fun, things might even be worse for anyone in the home that struggles with allergies or respiratory problems. Mold can have a more dramatic impact on the health of these individuals, so pay particular attention to this issue if anyone who lives in your house has preexisting respiratory concerns.


Mold Might Not be Isolated in the Basement

While it might seem like the mold is comfortably separated from your living areas when it is down in the basement, that just isn’t the case. Mold spores are sure to spread throughout the home, and they’ll be distributed by the HVAC system. So, even if you rarely venture down into your basement, check it out often to see if any moisture or mold is present, and deal with any problems that are discovered right away.


Where’s the Water?

This is always the main question that needs to be asked if mold is discovered in a basement. When mold is growing, it’s not a question of if water is around – the question is just where that water is coming from and how you can eliminate it from the space. It might be water from something that is leaking, or it could just be that the humidity in the basement is high enough to create damp conditions that are right for mold growth. One of the many benefits a professional mold remediation company can bring to this situation is the ability to track down the source of moisture and get right of it so mold can’t come back.


Don’t let basement mold negatively impact the health of you or your family any longer. Turn to AdvantaClean for mold removal in High Point so you can bring the quality of the air in your house back up to an acceptable standard. Get started today on this important project. 

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