As water damage restoration companies are reporting, they are receiving an increase in calls from people who have experienced floods in their home or business because of heavy rain and hurricanes. Since flood damage can be so extensive, and cleanup costs can quickly add up, it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your property to save money on cleanup costs and repair work.

Contact a Restoration Company if You have Water Damage

Find a restoration company ASAP! If you are dealing with serious water damage from broken pipes, sewage backup, etc., find yourself a restoration company as soon as possible. Water can do major structural damage to your home quickly – even lead to mold growth. Restoration companies provide emergency services and have been trained specifically on how to repair property affected by severe moisture and structural concerns. They specialize in helping people get back into their homes fast without sacrificing quality or safety!

Water damage restoration companies will use a combination of different methods to address all types of water damage. First, they’ll determine whether there is mold or other harmful bacteria present in your home and then they’ll fix any structural damages caused by water infiltration. After repairing any structural issues, water damage restoration companies will dry out your home and remove contaminated materials.

Avoid DIY Water Damage Restoration

If you’re able to safely access a flooded area, it may be tempting to use your own cleaning products or grab some towels and start scrubbing. However, like other types of molds, black mold can cause allergic reactions in healthy people and can be harmful to those with breathing issues like asthma. It’s best to leave it to a restoration company.

Contact your restoration company immediately. They’ll send someone out to assess the damage and recommend an action plan for restoring your property. But don’t wait to report water damage, or it could cause long-term issues with mold growth. If you want to handle cleanup yourself, start by removing personal items like clothing and photos from affected areas as soon as possible. Anything that can be saved should be moved out of harm’s way as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage and mildew growth.

Find a High Quality Restoration Company

The answer to whether or not your water damage requires professional help may depend on a few factors. If there’s visible mold, if it’s an older building, if it’s damaged appliances or furniture – in any of these cases you should hire professionals to handle things. The same goes for if there’s more than a very small amount of water in your house; if there are kids or animals around; and if you have any health concerns.

If none of these apply to your water damage situation, there are some steps you can take to assess whether or not it’s wise to hire someone you can count on. One way is by identifying your water source and severity of the water damage. Give AdvantaClean a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding water damage in your house.



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