Crawlspace moisture is a common problem that can occur when there is an excess of humidity in the crawlspace. High levels of moisture can lead to various issues such as mold growth, wood rot, and structural damage. Moisture can enter the crawlspace from the ground, or from outside air entering the crawlspace. A vapor barrier can be used to help prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace from the ground, and a dehumidifier and ventilation can be used to remove moisture from the crawlspace. Crawlspace dehumidifiers and moisture control systems, such as the Atmox system, can also be used to control humidity and prevent moisture related problems. In some cases encapsulation may be your best solution but in most cases we prefer to keep your crawl space working the way it was designed and this means continuing to introduce fresh outside air.


The Atmox system is a specialized air moving crawlspace moisture control system which uses a combination of ventilation and dehumidification to reduce the moisture levels in the crawlspace. The system includes a controller, sensors, fans, and a dehumidifier, and it is designed to work in conjunction with a vapor barrier to keep the crawlspace dry. The Atmox system can help prevent mold growth, wood rot, structural issues and other moisture-related problems in the crawlspace. Halogen lights can be added to this system so you never have to worry about dark crawl space conditions, meaning you can easily see what is going on in your crawlspace. This is great for any contractors or inspectors who will be working in your crawl space.

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