Why You Should Care About Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Most of us don’t think much about the air we breathe while indoors. But did you know that indoor air quality can impact your health and wellbeing? Just because you can’t see dust, dander, potential pollutants, hazardous chemicals, or mold spores doesn’t mean that they’re not circulating in your home.

If you’ve ever had discomfort with your ears, nose, or eyes, or if you’ve been struggling with your breathing, poor indoor air quality could be to blame. Even things that resemble allergies could instead be a result of air quality. One of the best ways to peace of mind is to have a professional check your home for potential sources of air contamination.

One culprit of poor indoor air quality in homes could be airflow blockages. These can include clogged air filters, dirty air ducts, or air coming in from your crawlspace. Some of these issues can happen as a result of infrequent cleaning or putting a piece of furniture in front of an air intake. Other causes of poor indoor air quality include excess moisture in the home, lack of HVAC maintenance, and the use of toxic cleaning supplies.

The good news is that improving your home’s indoor air quality isn’t usually complicated or hard. With a few long-term strategies, you can quickly and significantly improve the quality of the air you breathe in every day.

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