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Crawl spaces encapsulation and mold remediation in Sterling Heights & Roseville

Are you experiencing cold floors, high energy bills, or mold growth in crawl spaces? Lack of proper insulation and moisture can be the root cause behind these problems. It’s important to remember that the persistence of such problems can aggravate crawl space-related problems. 

Harrison Twp Crawl space Moisture Solutions

How crawl space moisture and mold are formed

You should know that the air in your home flows from bottom to top as warm air rises when the air inside a home is heated. After that, it goes outside your home. So, where does this air come from in homes? The majority of this air comes from crawl spaces. Often, people make vents to dispose of excess moisture, but it actually makes the problem worse as a vent becomes a bigger source of humidity, causing a much bigger amount of moisture to enter your house. Our AdvantaClean crawl space mold remediation and encapsulation services help you stop the growth of mold and moisture.

Our Crawlspace Moisture Treatments May Include

If you are not sure about how you are to deal with the problem or where you need to start, consult our crawl spaces experts for free inspection and consultation who will offer a specific solution to your problem. Learn more about dealing with problems related to crawl spaces. So what are you looking for? Just request for a quote.  

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