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Moisture in your home is a serious condition and needs to be rectified quickly. Water is just as much of a destructive force in your home as it is in nature, so any moisture build-up is concerning. There are a plethora of causes for a moisture build-up, and any area of your home can fall, victim. Moisture issues can build-up gradually or appear suddenly, and always need to be treated with proper mitigation techniques. AdvantaClean of San Antonio NW provides moisture control appointments to go into the home and assess the source of your moisture issue as well as the extent of the damage it is causing. Moisture may develop inside your attic, crawlspace or basement, and it could cause microbial growth. Mold needs moisture, but it doesn't require sunlight, so many homeowners find a mold problem growing where the moisture issue is occurring. If you have moisture issues that caused microbial growth, AdvantaClean has Certified Mold Inspectors (CMI) and Certified Mold Remediators (CMR) who can determine the extent of your mold problem and how to remediate it. 

how does crawlspace moisture affect you 

A crawl space is an area located between the lowest floor and the ground in homes not built on a slab foundation. These are dark areas are commonly damp with moisture; a problem worsened by leaving the dirt floor exposed. Many homeowners never or rarely enter their crawlspaces, so crawl space moisture typically comes as a surprise. This area is also associated with extensive mold damage, as crawlspaces are moisture magnets. Signs you have crawl space moisture include:

  • Hardwood floors “cupping”
  • Mold growth
  • A musty odor wafting upward into the home
  • Damp and saggy insulation

If you have or suspect crawlspace moisture, there are many likely causes. A moisture control appointment is the best way to determine exactly what the source is, and how to mitigate the problem. Most crawl space moisture is caused by leaky HVAC systems or ducts, rain seepage with lack of a sump pump, and animal occupancy. These conditions are worsened if you lack a vapor barrier, or if your current one is torn and tattered with age.

AdvantaClean of San Antonio NW employs numerous solutions for crawlspace moisture, including:

  • Installation of a vapor barrier
  • Crawlspace encapsulation
  • Installation of dehumidifiers
  • Installation of a sump pump

have unwanted moisture in your basement? 

Basement moisture occurs for reasons such as:

  • Rainwater seepage
  • Insufficient air circulation or air conditioning
  • Inadequate landscaping to divert groundwater

If you see wet spots on the walls, floor or ceiling of your basement, you could very well have basement moisture, and AdvantaClean offers solutions such as:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Installation of sump pump
  • Installation of a dehumidifier

will attic moisture affect the health of my home?

Attics are typically used as storage spaces and are unthought of by homeowners outside of grabbing decorations during the holiday season. This means that the majority of attics are not given the proper cleaning and maintenance they require. Attic moisture is a common source of mold growth, so frequent inspections and ensuring they are maintained correctly is vital to the preservation of the overall health of your home.

Sources of attic moisture include:

  • Improper or lack of proper ventilation
  • Bathroom or kitchen fans venting into the attic space
  • Leaking HVAC systems or vents
  • Roof leaks
  • Lack of proper insulation

If you’ve just discovered attic moisture, or you have a sneaky suspicion there’s a problem brewing above your head, call AdvantaClean to schedule a moisture control appointment and discuss your mitigation options today.

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