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Attic Mold


Attic mold and moisture 

Attics are prone to high humidity and water damage in Central Florida for many reasons.

Whether the need for water cleanup is due to a broken pipe, a faulty toilet, an overloaded washing machine, or simply rainwater, water damage to your attic and the areas below it can be devastating and costly.

Here are a few reasons you may need water cleanup in your attic:

Severe storms:

Sudden heavy rainfalls can hit an area hard, sometimes leading to unexpected roof damage. Severe storms can cause water damage to any home or building, so water cleanup should be conducted right away.

Plumbing Failures:

Plumbing failures can quickly release hundreds of gallons of water, and can be caused by frozen or broken pipes, loose washing machine hoses, leaking water heaters, overflowing bathtubs, and many other sources.

Hidden Humidity and Moisture:

Small water intrusions or minor plumbing leaks can be easy to overlook, yet over time, they can lead to major water cleanup problems. Unprotected attics can allow humidity in, leading to similar problems.

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